Weatherford Democrat

March 14, 2013

Hagman statue planned for Heritage Park

Weatherford Democrat


An update on the drive to honor Larry Hagman was provided at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

The Larry Hagman Memorial Committee has discussed ideas of having statues, road signs and a street honoring the Weatherford High graduate, who starred in TV shows “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Dallas.”

Spokesperson Sherry Watters said this is the time and place to do something unique.

Watters said the group has some money in the bank and is looking for a statue to be placed in Heritage Park, which was chosen for being a popular destination so the statue could be seen by more people.

“As his hometown, we wanted an area that would provide good placement,” Watters said.

Harold Lawrence, chairman of the Parker County Historical Commission, said to have a state marker done, the individual has to have been deceased 10 years.

Mayor Pro Tem Craig Swancy said so many fine people have been from Weatherford or made an impact in the city or area having a number of statues in the northern part of the park would be a fine way of remembering them.

“We’ve had sports figures here and a number of historical figures like Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving,” Swancy said. “Let’s also not forget a wonderful artist by the name of Douglas Chandor as well.”

Council member Heidi Wilder said the area would be a great spot for all the men and women.

Watters said having a statue of Hagman in the area would draw tourism into town as he is well known world wide. She spoke of a friend who was recently visiting Paris and was asked where she was from and said Weatherford, Texas, which was instantly recognized by the tourist as the “home of J.R.”

Mayor Dennis Hooks had thought of possibly having the statue at the Weatherford Public Library or the Doss Heritage and Culture Center but Watters said having the statue outside in a public place was important.

City Manager Jerry Blaisdell said he had met with committee members last week. He suggested getting an architect’s design for the north end of the parking lot and going from there. No official decision came from the council but further updates on the project are expected.