Weatherford Democrat

March 5, 2014

Area council, school board filings

Weatherford Democrat

— Filings for school board and city council elections in May ended last Friday. Here are the filings for area city council seats open in May:


On the Aledo City Council, Mayor Kit Marshall will run unopposed. There are two contested races. George “Pres” McGee, 70, has filed opposite incumbent Jean Bailey, 55, in Place 2. In Place 4 incumbent 48-year-old Kimberly Hiebert will square off against Mark Siegmund, 50.  

Annetta South

There will be no May elections in Annetta South because incumbents Philip Kuntz, Place 1; Jimmy Harvell, Place 2; and David Goolsby, Place 4, did not draw opponents.


Incumbent George Ripley, in Place 4, was the only incumbent to file for re-election, and he is not contested.

In Place 1, where Larry Wood did not refile, Stanley “Shane” Mudge filed. Place 2 has a contested race, with Daniel “Danny” Joseph Coffman and “Brian” Scott Fibiger seeking the seat being vacated by Bruce Moore.

Annetta North

In Annetta North only the incumbents have filed: Kristin Jenkins in Place 2; Rob Watson in Place 4; and Len Callaway in Place 6, meaning no May election.

Hudson Oaks

There are no contested races for Hudson Oaks City Council. Incumbent Pat Deen has re-filed for mayor, and Glen Sutton has re-filed for Place 1. Marty Schrantz has filed for Place 3 but has no opponent because Dan David did not re-file.

Willow Park

Willow Park has two contested races, one in Place 3, where Greg Runnebaum will challenge incumbent Amy Podany; and Place 4, where James E. Mullins Jr. has filed opposite incumbent Dan Stallings. Tim “Griff” Griffiths seeks election to Place 5 but has no opponent because incumbent Bernard Suchocki did not re-file.


Weatherford will cancel upcoming elections because no one has filed opposite incumbents Heidi Wilder, who has re-filed for Place 1, or Jeff Robinson, who re-filed for Place 2.


In Reno, incumbent Billie Steele is unopposed in Place 5, but incumbent Ken Parnell in Place 1 faces challenger Carol Houlihan and incumbent Bonnie Black in Place 3 is opposed by both Gilbert Morrow and G.G. (Randy) Martin III.    


The City of Springtown has a contested race for Place 3, where incumbent Tony D. Smith will face challenger Tom W. Clayton. Incumbent Annette Burk, in Place 1, and incumbent Greg Hood, in Place 5, have no opponents.


Millsap will have a race for mayor as Michael Kinman is challenging incumbent Jamie French. Council members Sally Uribe and Teresa Howard drew no opponents.


Area school board filings, for those districts that conduct May elections, are:

Springtown ISD

The Springtown ISD School Board Election is uncontested and no May election will take place. Incumbents Jody Lowery (Place 4) and Amy Walker (Place 5) both filed for re-election and were unopposed.

Weatherford ISD

There are two seats up for election in May – Place 6, held by Dave Cowley, and Place 7, occupied by Kip Hooks. Neither Cowley nor Hooks filed for re-election. Those who have filed are Miles Guest (running unopposed, Place 7) and Jeremy Puckett and Tiffany Branson competing for place 6.

Aledo ISD

Incumbents David Davis, in Place 6, and Hoyt Harris, in Place 7, have both filed for re-election, each drawing one or more opponents. Farida Goderya has filed for Place 6, opposite Davis, and Riley Morrison and Debra Rogers have filed for Place 7, opposite Harris.

Millsap ISD

Three seats on the Millsap ISD school board are up for election in May three candidates filed, Christy Burton, Alan Richardson and Michael Stack. The seats are all at-large, so no election will take place.