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August 29, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: An act of kindness

Weatherford Democrat

An act of kindness

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to share an experience that reminded me how thoughtful and kind our citizens are.

After celebrating my 80th birthday, my husband being seriously injured and in the hospital for five weeks and our precious, four-legged little princess dying in my arms, my heart and mind were heavy. I thought a quick stop at Mesquite Pit for a sandwich would help.

Then the kind waitress came to my table, I thought to bring me my check. She brought me a surprise instead! She informed me that my check had been “taken care of.”

Surprised, I asked who would do that? The young lady said, “a family.”

Please know whoever you are, I sincerely thank you. You touched my heart and lifted my spirit. May God bless you and your family.


Glenda Perkins, Weatherford

Thanks for cards to Senior Circle members

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Weatherford Regional Medical Center Senior Circle I would like to thank the schools and churches listed below for doing a special community project for our Senior Circle members. The children colored and wrote a special message on the birthday cards to the Senior Circle members that were then mailed to them.

These cards bring a special smile to our members.

A special “thank you” to each teacher who works with me to make sure the cards are ready and each child does their best. Without the teachers involvement this project would not be possible.

Special thanks to Sue Schriber for designing our new cards. They went out this year and everyone loved them. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for offering to design new cards for us. You are very talented.

Thank you to Weatherford ISD elementary schools Austin, Crockett, Curtis, Ikard, Juan Seguin and Wright; private schools Victory Baptist Academy and Weatherford Christian School; and churches Lake Shore Baptist, North Side Baptist and Victory Baptist.

These talented children have been making birthday cards since 2008 and I’m amazed each year with the wonderful job they do. If other schools, churches, Girl Scouts or other organizations would like to become involved this year please call Deb Williford, Senior Circle advisor, at 817-599-1672.

Thank you so much,

B.J. Cox, Senior Circle volunteer/ambassador

Reader tired of Obama

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter by Ken Hamilton (“Reader tired of letter writer,” Aug. 23) I am glad some of the people can see what Obama is doing to our nation, too bad Ken can’t get the blinders off his eyes just because he is a Democrat.

What has Obama done for our nation, except get us in a very large deficit? If all of the people in Parker County cashed their Social Security checks at the same time, It wouldn’t be as much as Obama spends on Air Force One just to take a vacation. It seems to me that he takes a lot of vacations.

Oh, yes, how about all of the money he took from Medicare to fund his Obama Care, which a lot of people don’t want? He has spent more money then all of the other presidents put together. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, all of the Japanese who were in America were arrested and put in jail. After 9/11 Obama put 16 Muslims to work in high positions drawing very large salaries.

What has he done for our country? The United States is in worse shape than it ever has been. Why? Because of Obama. Richard Nixon was impeached because of Watergate. Obama has done a lot worse than that. What about the people who were killed in Benghazi? Where was Obama and why didn’t he respond to those phone calls asking for help?

How about when on national television he said he was for gay marriages, and that he also supported abortions. In the Bible, Leviticus, chapter 20, verse 13, states that is abomination to God. Exodus, chapter 20, verse 13, reads, “Thy shall not kill.”

People are not allowed to pray in the public schools or even mention the name of Jesus because it might offend someone. Well if they don’t like our Christian nation, let them go back to where they came. If all of the Christians in Texas would bind together we might get our nation back to being a Christian nation again.

I hope and pray that all of the Democrats are not as blind as some of the Democrats are. What we need is a president who will go by our Constitution and not try to change it. We don’t need to become a Communist nation.

Dana Stovall, Weatherford