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August 30, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare is good for the nation

Weatherford Democrat

Obamacare is good for the nation

Dear Editor,

The argument as to whether we are going to have Obama medical insurance phased in over the next few years is over. The only way it can be slowed is for the Congress to refuse to fund the federal obligation under the Affordable Healthcare Law.

The only way to defund the law is for congress to refuse to pass a federal budget for 2014 and beyond. As soon as those social security and VA checks stop going out and Medicare stops paying medical claims, and as soon as about 2 million elderly residents in Medicaid funded nursing homes are told they must leave, there will be a political revolution that would sweep the Republican and, more specifically, the Tea Party out of American life in the 2014 election and for elections to come.

Every even mildly politically educated person knows this to be true, whether they will admit it or not. What is so terribly ironic is that the majority of the people who want Obamacare repealed are not significantly affected by the law.

About 100 million Americans who are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other government-funded insurance will remain the same. And the vast majority of Americans will still be covered by employer sponsored health plans, which already comply or exceed the law’s requirements.

The 40 million or 50 million who are affected are mostly people who do not have medical insurance due to personal choice, cost or pre-existing medical conditions.

Under Obamacare, most of these people will be covered by private insurance, with pro-rated premiums depending on income or they will be covered at little or no personal cost under the present Medicaid system.

This Republican-invented part of the law was supported by many conservatives as little as five years ago, because it would compel people who can pay part or all of their health insurance cost to do so.

Our present health-care system has absolutely demonstrated that we have the most expensive and ineffective system of all industrialized countries. There are third-world countries that have a superior system compared to ours. Up to a third of our health-care dollars go to insurance and medical administration, instead of actual treatment, which is about four times the rate in other countries. Our national Medicare system is the only insurance plan that favorably compares in quality and cost with other national plans.

We should not waste time with political philosophy when it comes to something as important and expensive as medical care. We need the system that covers the most people at the lowest cost, while still maintaining good quality of care. The Affordable Healthcare Law is the best plan politically and fiscally feasible at this time and in the foreseeable future. While it does not cover every American, it is a huge step toward extending coverage and reducing future cost.

As I have said before, I am a health insurance agent and I just got in the first premium change notices for Jan. 1, 2014, with the changes in Obamacare added. The rates are down 10-20 percent. Bad news for Republicans, great news for the rest of us.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford