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September 13, 2013

KELLY: What do you think XII?

Weatherford Democrat


The 13 in 2013    

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a superstitious person. It’s bad luck if you are walking and a black cat crosses your path; or step on a crack and break your back; or walk under a ladder. There are so many other superstitions, none of which have any scientific backing.

The fact that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky has a name – Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Good luck pronouncing it! I’m not superstitious, but just in case, I canceled surgery on my knee scheduled for today. I’ll bet you are just like me. What do you think?

Catholic bishops

A good number of Catholic Bishops from the Catholic Conference of Bishops asked the priests of the many dioceses in the country to offer masses this past Sunday that focused “on the need to pass a human immigration reform bill that would include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.” They said, “No human being made in the image of God is illegal,” according to quotes published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The article also has remarks made by ministers of other faiths.

One could not find fault with the actual remarks because they are all well meaning, altruistic and made in good faith. These people have entered the country illegally under our present immigration law and should be dealt with under that law. We should not make special laws just to deal with a special type of offense.

One reverend said, “You just can’t kick them out.” Why not? As we find them, send them home. We are not responsible for their family disruptions or their choice to enter our country illegally. If we are going to make special laws for this type of criminal, will we then begin to make special laws for other criminal types? The real question we need to ask ourselves is, are we American citizens to be the only people who must obey the laws of our land or suffer the consequences if we do not?

These good bishops and good ministers of other faiths have forgotten the admonition to render unto Caesar what is his, and to render unto God what is his. What do you think?

Horse slaughter

This is another case of do-gooders somehow convincing politicians that the slaughter of horses for food consumption is a bad thing. This is also another case of some Americans attempting to impose our ideas about horses being just pets on other peoples. I had a horse meat steak dinner in England and it was fine.

There are people around the world who need good meat and like horse meat, so to me it is a sin to deny them a food they like to eat. We have all those surplus wild horses that need to be removed because of the damage to the range. I believe we should reopen the slaughter houses and ship this food source to countries that want it. This is a humane way to reduce the excess number of wild horses. What do you think?


The penknife was, and still is, a tool. They come in many sizes and with many decorations. Let me reminisce about the uses of a penknife by kids of my generation.

Just about every boy from the fourth grade on carried a penknife. Red Wing Shoe Company sold high-top boots to boys and these boots came with a pocket on the side that contained a first-class penknife. We were proud of those knives and took good care of them. It was mostly our grandpaps who taught us how to use the knife.

My friends and I were about 9 years old when The Great Depression hit everyone in our little town. It was then that we really used our knives. We not only made wooden toys, but we learned how to play games with our knives.

One of the games was baseball. A piece of white pine, usually obtained from a fruit box at the local grocery store, was the base for the knife to stick into. The knife was open and the different stick positions were the hits. The large blade was lightly stuck in the wood and then the player would flip it up, and how it stuck determined what hit you got. The small blade was a home run. If the large blade stuck it was a double. If the small blade and the large blade both stuck it was a triple. If the large blade and the handle were both touching the board it was a single, and if the knife fell over it was an out. There were other games, but this was our favorite.

The wood from some fruit boxes was good white pine and we carved cars, trucks and even airplanes from it. For basketball, we nailed the round wood that cheese was shipped in to a telephone pole.

I never heard of any boy using his knife to harm someone. I know we were just as happy as boys today with all their electronic gadgets. What do you think?


Drawing a red line in the sand is grade-schoolyard diplomacy. So the Syrians called our bluff and crossed the red line, now some politicians and writers are concerned about what the world will think about us. Who cares?

They all take our money and continue to hate us anyway. The days of politicians getting their false pride insulted and then putting our young men into battle to satisfy that false pride should be denied to them by we the people. I am firmly against any air strike in Syria. What do you think?