An ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service will be held at the world’s largest Wildlife Cathedral on the shores of Lake Livingston in East Texas.

The sun is scheduled to rise on Easter morning, March 27, at 6:24 a.m. The vigil will begin at 6:10 a.m. in order to experience the first rays that will emerge from the far shore of the lake, casting a special glow upon the shimmering waters.

People of all faiths and religions are welcome to share in this marvelous event that commemorates, according to Christian belief, the “Risen Christ.” Those of other faiths will take pleasure in the beauties of the reawakening of planet Eden in all its glory from its winter dormancy.

The vigil and meditation service is sponsored by The Universal Ethician Church. This will be the fifth year for the services to be held at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral and the third year that The Chapel of the Nativity will be open for prayer and meditation throughout the day and night. The Chapel is located at the intersection of FM 980 and Waterwood Parkway.

In addition to Christians and Jews, Muslims will wish to visit the chapel to give thanks for the birth of Christ. The Ethician Web site,, will give insight into Jesus’ significance as a Jewish reformer. Muhammad, likewise revered Jesus, who is mentioned in a reverential way throughout the Koran.

Our out of town visitors will be happy to know there is golfing and a grand Easter buffet available at the adjacent Waterwood National Country Club. Reservations may be made by calling (936) 891-5211.

On Saturday, March 26, the traditional Sunset Service will be held one hour before sunset at the same location as the sunrise services. As sunset will be at 6:38 p.m., the simple services will begin at 5:38 p.m. The Church bulletin may be viewed at A map is available at

Those who wish to come by boat are advised to launch their watercraft at the Waterwood Marina.

George H. Russell, an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, is a resident of Huntsville, known worldwide as “The City of Death.”

He is founder of The Patriot Network, and author of its 35-plus Web sites located at, as well as founder of The Universal Ethician Church, an inter-faith ministry with a worldwide following via the church’s 275-plus Web sites located at

Russell, 59, is an educational video producer, environmental activist, historic preservation specialist, photographer, art and antique collector, philanthropist, American patriot and ethician.

Additional biographical information may be found in Who’s Who in America, through Internet searches, and in other publications. Images of Russell suitable for downloading for publication may be found at

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