This summer, the grandson, Kagen, has been coming over and playing a lot. He is now 19 months old and has truly taken our hearts away. He is so energetic and such an outside type of guy. Loving the cats and dogs has become part of his ritual when he arrives.

I think the most fun we have is when music begins to play and he goes into this Elvis-type dance routine. He first poses with one foot out in front of the other, big toe arched and heel up. Next comes the hand shooting over the head with his wrist crooked and his fingers pointing down. Just think back to Elvis on stage as he would begin his songs. Then comes the swaying and wiggling to the sounds coming across the room. What fun it is to see him dance around the house.

Using his routine as an analogy, it makes me think of the ritual we go through uncorking a bottle of wine, pouring and tasting a glass of the liquid.

First we have to have the bottle selected, like when Kagen’s music comes on. We pose the wine in the glass and nose it. We swirl and rejoice in its color, just as he takes his stance to begin his dance.

We exclaim the virtues of the aroma and bouquet, then announce the flavors depicted. Sort of like his swaying and wiggling to the music, we oh and awe to the character traits we find in the wine. I guess you could say we are swayed around the room with the varietal nuances coming from the vine.

It is not as much the smoothness of his movements but the way he goes about it. The same could be said about an inexpensive or expensive wine — it is how much you enjoy the experience that makes the music.

I had no clue a grandson could bring us so much joy. He is full of life and it shows in everything he does. Like a great bottle of wine, he is teaching us to sway to the music.

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