Texas is growing. By 2060, our state’s population is expected to double with 40 million people calling Texas home. In fact, our rate of growth exceeds the national average, and one out of every eight people added to the national population is added in Texas. Though the majority of Texans will live in urban areas, growth also is expected in suburban and rural Texas. That’s one of the many reasons rural, suburban and urban Texas must have a shared vision of success for our state. Of all the facets that link rural, suburban and urban Texas together, agriculture is one of the most vital. Rural communities have always been the backbone of the agricultural economy. Suburban and urban communities are not only home to millions of consumers, but also to dynamic businesses creating unique and innovative ag-based products. All told, agriculture is a $85.3 billion industry in Texas. Supporting Texas agriculture means supporting your friends and neighbors, whether they live in a high-rise in Houston or a farm in Fredericksburg. To understand the value of the connection among rural, suburban and urban Texas, imagine a busy farmers market in a mid-sized to large city. It serves as a hub connecting a community — a community of growers, a community of those who value local products and a community of Texans celebrating the ways their livelihoods depend on each other. Everyone wins.

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