Brian Lixey

Name: Brian Lixey

1. What relevant experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for Precinct 4 Commissioner?

I have held several leadership positions during my 25 years in the commercial banking industry.

I have served on several non-profit boards, including: Catholic Charities of Fort Worth, United Way of Parker County, The Child Study Center of Fort Worth, Texas Sport Hall of Fame, Texas Neighborhood Services and the Ben Hogan Foundation Fundraising Committee.

I am a 4 term Hudson Oaks City Council member.

2. What are your goals for the office if elected? What areas would you seek to improve upon, and how?

I will be a fierce advocate for the taxpayers in Precinct 4. E. Parker County is growing by leaps and bounds and our roads are taking a beating. Over the last 3 years, other Precincts have had significant increases in their road budgets while Precinct 4's budget has not kept up with the massive increase in vehicular traffic. I will NOT be a rubber stamp "Yes" vote for the County Judge's budget and will fight to return our hard earned property tax dollars to Precinct 4.

3. How do you plan to confront the growth in East Parker County as a commissioner, and what do you see as the most pressing issues for Precinct 4?

The most pressing issue in Precinct 4 is the fact that our share of the county road budget is not keeping up with the increase in vehicular traffic and the massive growth in population that is expected from the Walsh Ranch Development. While we welcome growth in our community, we must prepare in advance for its effects on our quality of life. As someone who has encouraged commercial development and helped small businesses succeed for 25 years, I can appreciate the positive impact that economic development has on a community. However, we must have smart, managed growth that considers the impact on our roads and transportation infrastructure.

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