The Brooks at Weatherford

Trying to decide where to say “I do” can be one of the hardest tasks when planning a wedding. Everyone has ideas about the perfect place, whether it’s inside or out. The venue has to be accommodating, inviting and beautiful. Some will even travel far and wide to find the right location, but for those living in Parker County, things may have become a little easier.

This past year, architect Steve Heflin and his wife Tricia, who has a knack for design, rolled into town with a wedding destination dream of their own; however, they didn’t come to the area to find a “perfect place,” they came to build one.

Finished nearly two months ago, The Brooks at Weatherford is a venue where “classic elegance meets rustic beauty,” according to the Heflins.

The setting for their chapel and venue is an old piece of farmland that was once used for growing cotton. Their destination’s name, “The Brooks,” is meant to correlate with the setting, as the Heflins converted the farm’s original irrigation system, lined with rocks, into a continually flowing brook.

The chapel is built like a little, old white church, steeple and all, wood framed top to bottom. It is spacious enough to seat a about 200.

Inside are classic wooden pews, adorned with crosses on every other row, and windows can be found on all sides. The windows at the entrance and behind the stage add to the vintage look, riddled with stained glass and flat bases with curves coming to a point at the top. Windows along both sides of the church bring a modern touch to the table. They are large rectangular spaces with clear plastic coverings that can be raised during fair weather, transforming the chapel into a semi-outdoor facility. When these windows are open, more seats can be placed outside for overflow.

Walk up the crushed granite walking path to find an old-world-design event venue.

The facility is large enough to hold 300 people and has several different elements including a reception hall, separate rooms for both wedding parties, a room for preparing food, a large outdoor patio with a fireplace and restrooms.

Modern amenities and rustic accents collide all throughout the facility. The reception hall is a wide open floor that can handle plenty of tables. The ceiling is made of wood and has old farm equipment refashioned as chandeliers. Look down to see a stained concrete floor with a warm, brown glow to compliment the woodwork. At the center of the room rests a large gas burning fireplace with a bar to the right.

Venture into the bride or groom’s room to find comfortable spaces for getting ready, filled with elegant/rustic design work and architecture. Even the bathrooms have custom woodwork.

Don’t want to spend the entire time inside? The outside has as many places to see as the inside, complete with ponds, open fields and trees, paths for walking, benches and a fire pit.

The Brooks is open for booking all days of the week, with rates varying depending on the day and number of guests. Monday through Thursday, rates are between $3,500 and $5,000. Friday through Sunday, rates vary each day from $4,000 to $8,500.

Those looking to book an event should call well in advance, as The Brooks is already booking weekends in 2015 and even the year after.

To learn more about The Brooks, visit their website at or contact the Helflins at 210-601-9196 or 210-289-5771.

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