The average number of new COVID-19 cases has slowed a bit in the last week.

As of Tuesday morning, Parker County had 472 active cases, an average of about 47, and 210 total fatalities.

Hospital capacity numbers, particularly in ICU beds, have increased, with 33.9 percent of ICU beds occupied by COVID patients (down from 38.4 percent the week prior) and 39 percent of total beds.

In Palo Pinto County, there are an estimated 126 active cases and 83 deaths.

Though the hospital numbers remain high, they have decreased from the previous week, with 67 percent of ICU beds at Palo Pinto General Hospital occupied (down from 71 percent) and 41.3 percent of total beds.

The county averaged about 18 new cases of COVID per day as of Tuesday morning.

Vaccination rates in both counties have also risen a bit, with a little over 30 percent of those 12 and older fully vaccinated in Palo Pinto County, and 42.3 percent of those 12 and older fully vaccinated in Parker County.

On Monday, officials announced that the vaccine made by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech now carries the strongest endorsement from the Food and Drug Administration with full approval.

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