Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler issued a public service announcement Tuesday morning regarding CoVID-19.

"We have four employees who have been evaluated for possible exposure outside of the sheriff’s office. There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19. These employees are currently in quarantine for precautionary measures," according to Fowler. "The PCSO has a sanitation check station before entering the facility. No one is allowed access to the building prior to being scanned and fever-free. This includes every employee. We have boosted sanitation measures and we are practicing social distancing with frequent hand washings."

Fowler said they are asking the public to take the same precautionary measures and to follow all county directives and orders.

"If you feel ill or display any symptoms, contact your doctor immediately and isolate yourself and your family. You can visit for all county releases, updates and orders," Fowler said. "We are also asking the public to please keep the 911 lines open for actual emergencies. Call the sheriff’s office direct for all non-emergency calls at 817-594-8845. Please be patient with all call-backs from our deputies and staff. Please be patient with essential workers and businesses. Check on your neighbors and the elderly regularly. A phone call could mean the world to them."

Fowler said a PCSO employee received a scam text Tuesday morning on their personal cell which read, “2nd Source of Funding: 2 Minutes Needed to Complete Additional Request: $6,000 Yr No Repayment. Reply: CHECKS. [sic].”

Fowler said the text came from 412-328-2443. A search of the number led to a suspicious website.

"Be cautious of scams. Do not reply to suspicious text messages, calls or emails," Fowler said. "Simply delete them or hang up. Never reveal any personal identifiers, account numbers or personal information to anyone over the phone, through a text or by email."

Fowler said it is also important to note if anyone receives text messages, e-mails or phone calls from someone claiming to be from a government agency, it is fraudulent. The government does not contact citizens by these means.

"We are doing our absolute best to be proactive during this time," Fowler said. "We ask our citizens to do the same."

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