Several months after the state directive to test all residents and staff members in Texas nursing homes, state health officials began providing comprehensive COVID-19 data Monday for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The data, posted online by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for case and death counts for nursing and assisted-living facilities statewide, cover only through July 13. But the Health and Human Services Commission said it would update the numbers by 3 p.m. on weekdays, according to an article in The Dallas Morning News.

According to the reports, Willow Park Rehabilitation and Care Center has the highest reported COVID-19 cases in Parker County.

As of July 13, the THHS reported 26 active COVID-19 resident cases, 16 active COVID-19 employee cases and six resident deaths. The Willow Park nursing home had a total of 33 resident cases, a total of 19 employee cases and one recovery.

College Park Rehabilitation and Care Center had three active COVID-19 cases among employees, four active cases among its residents and no deaths as of July 13, according to THHS. College Park had a total of four employee cases and four resident cases.

Hilltop Park Rehabilitation and Care Center reported four active employee cases, two active resident cases and no deaths. Hilltop has had a total of four employee COVID-19 cases and three resident cases.

The THHS reported that Keeneland Nursing and Rehabilitation had no cases with its residents and employees as of July 13.

Peach Tree Place had zero active cases reported by THHS.

Santa Fe Health and Rehabilitation Center had no cases as of July 13.

Senior Care at Holland Lake had a total of two employee cases, according to THHS, but no cases among its residents.

The THHS reported that Weatherford Health Care Center had zero cases as of July 13.

Mineral Wells Nursing & Rehabilitation reported zero COVID-19 cases on July 13, according to THHS. 

According to THHS, Palo Pinto Nursing Center reported no cases on July 13. 

There was a total of 8,910 COVID-19 cases reported among residents of Texas nursing homes on July 13 — 1,147 deaths, 3,299 recoveries and 3,845 active cases, according to THHS. There was a total of 5,473 cases reported among employees, 2,569 active cases. 

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