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William J. Kelly


Did you miss this?

The last time Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah came at the same time was in 1888. This time it was on Nov. 28, 2013. Get this! The next time this will occur will be 79,043 years from now. The Jewish Talmud describes Hanukkah as a “Holiday of Thanksgiving.” One Jewish man bought a loaf of Jewish challah bread in the shape of a turkey. These facts are from an article by Jeff Karoub. Who will be around in 79,043 years to celebrate? What do you think?

Population Research Institute

I received a bulletin on Nov. 29 from Steven W. Musher stating that before Obama became president it was illegal for the federal government to fund abortion. PRI proved by documentation that Planned Parenthood illegally used federal funds to kill babies.

Congress then dropped a $195 million grant to Planned Parenthood.

The institute also proved that U.S. abortionists were illegally using federal funds to bankroll abortion in China and many other countries. Congress then yanked all support of the UN Population Fund for seven years running. That amounts to $800 million of taxpayers’ dollars saved. I applaud the PRI! What do you think?

Guns in schools

I am against guns in schools. A school is not an armed camp of some kind. I believe they will do more harm than good. It also sets the wrong idea in motion that a single armed guard will deter a nut case who wants to shoot up the place — not possible. Just take a look at the size of most schools today and also the fact that many campuses have multiple buildings in their complex, and you can see the problem.

I think a police car of the local police department should include, in making its rounds, a trip through and around the school complex at varying times during school hours. That would be a satisfactory and better solution to the problem. Permitting teachers to be armed is a very, very bad idea. What do you think?

Suspicious object

This is from Bud Kennedy’s “Eats Tweet” column. In Oklahoma City, police investigated a suspicious foil wrapped object. They found a burrito.

Food trucks

Food trucks are now hailed as a fast-growing industry. They are now serving everything from a hot dog to gourmet food. The area I hail from, Pittsburgh, Pa., and I suppose many other areas, had food trucks as early as the late 1920s. My favorite was the waffle man. Among his treats was a goody made up of two square waffles with a brick of ice cream in your choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry in between, and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. They were 10 cents, however a nickel would do if that was all the money you had.

Then later we had the food trucks that made the rounds of businesses. They would stop at break times and at lunch. They served pre-made sandwiches, sweet rolls, fruit, doughnuts, candy bars, cakes and other lunch items. They also sold cigarettes and cigars. They were inexpensive and very popular. I haven’t patronized a modern food truck as yet, but I think it would be fun to try one. What do you think?

TOTS playhouse and others

We have many activities taking place in Weatherford this December during the Advent weeks, both church and secular. The Theater Off The Square playhouse is one of the best amateur theaters in the area. If you haven’t been there you have missed seeing the great local talent. They have a Christmas comedy running called, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”

TOTS is inexpensive and you will enjoy a wonderful family outing. Weatherford College always has great plays, musicals and recitals. You can attend for free, so you can’t beat the price. Take the family and see the great job the college is doing for the students. This paper can fill you in on the entertainment locally, so why go elsewhere when we have it all here at home. What do you think?

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and frequent contributor to Viewpoints.

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