James Rutledge, a long time employee of the Parker County District Attorney’s Office, will retire Thursday, after a successful in law enforcement career spanning three decades.  

Rutledge began his career at the Weatherford Police Department in 1971, where he worked in patrol and investigations. In 1977, Rutledge was hired by then-district attorney Mac Smith, and he has since worked for district attorneys Amy Adams and Don Schnebly, currently in office.  

Rutledge holds a master peace officer’s certification and is a professional criminal investigator through the Texas District and County Attorneys Association. Throughout his career, Rutledge was a member of the Crimes Against Children Task Force, and worked on famous Parker County cases such as the capital murder cases against David Allen Gardner, Richard Donald Foster and Jeffery Eugene Tucker.  

Rutledge recalls one of the most rewarding cases he worked on was that of a missing person, a 15-year-old female, who was missing for more than 30 days before she was recovered alive. Years after the ordeal, the victim sent Rutledge a letter thanking him for his dedication and he still keeps that note as a memento of his successful efforts.  

There will be a public reception honoring Rutledge from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday in the District Courts Building, 117 Fort Worth Highway.

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