Weatherford ISD school board members met Thursday evening to get the 2008-09 school year underway. Future plans and possibilities for the district took up a majority of the agenda.

Representatives from Fountain Quail Water Management LLC presented plans for a possible waste water pipe running along Bose Ikard Elementary.

The pipe would transfer waste water from drill operations, which could be treated and reintroduced to the Parker County water table. If installed, the pipe on the Ikard property would be reinforced PVC material buried at least 42 inches below ground, and some of the water could possibly be used to irrigate the school property.

Attorneys from both sides are still looking over a contract, and the Fountain Quail representatives received permission from the board to continue the legal process.

The board also heard the district’s annual energy management report. While energy costs are higher than previous years, Weatherford ISD has taken steps to use utilities more responsibly. Administrators hope this will have both a financial and environmental impact as the district tries to go “greener.”

According to the report, Weatherford ISD used less energy in July 2008 than the same month last year, and had a total cost avoidance of more than $468,000.

But it wasn’t all about business Thursday night as board members also celebrated a job well done in the past school year.

Weatherford ISD was recently named a Recognized district by the Texas Education Agency, meaning students scored at least 75 percent on the TAKS test.

Superintendent Deborah Cron asked each board member to say a few words about the achievement.

The members expressed an appreciation for the students, teachers and administrators. Board trustee Dave Cowley compared the students’ achievement to that of an Olympic athlete, saying in both instances there are many people behind the scenes who make success possible.

Cron herself was recognized by the district principals who presented her with an engraved plaque honoring her work.

Cron earned a standing ovation from board members and the audience.

“She takes accountability for everything and passes on the glory to everyone else,” said board member Kip Hooks. “If that’s not true leadership, I don’t know what is.”

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