At 9 p.m. tonight on the Spike TV channel, he’ll play the Aztec Jaguar, which is billed as “the ruthless ritual warrior of North America.” The show, “Deadliest Warrior,” pits against each other two warriors who did not get to meet in real life because they fought in different lands or different eras.

“It analyzes their different weaponry and shows who would have won” if the two had fought, said Jones, who battles a Zande Warrior from Central Africa.

The show includes heavy battle scenes, said Jones.

“There is a lot of blood, so it’s not a show for the kids,” he said.

It is a show that highlights one of the things that Jones most loves, stunt work. His cousin first got him interested in stunt work in 2002. After Jones left Weatherford in 2006, he made his way to California to find stunt and acting work.

Jones just happened to be in town visiting his sister, Tanya Jones, and brother-in-law, Danny Wood, who still live in Weatherford, while on his way to Austin to film for the Coen brothers re-make of “True Grit.” Since Jones still knows people in town, they decided to get together to have a show-watching party at Buffalo Wild Wings. The group will get together about 8 p.m. tonight, Jones said, and anyone who would like to join them is welcome.

Jones, who has worked on two other films since last summer, and appeared in a U.S. Census commercial and said he’s enjoyed being in town and has even run into people who recognize him from some of his acting gigs.

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