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Danie M. Huffman

Hall Middle School principal Michelle Howard-Schwind was “arrested” during lunch Thursday in an effort to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Howard-Schwind was one of about 100 community members who volunteered for the event. Each had a warrant issued for their arrest and given a bail of $2,400. Anyone who didn’t meet the goal was locked up in “jail” at Chili’s.

“I was a little wary of the $2,400 [goal] because I didn’t know if we would get that high, but I was gung-ho about getting as much as we could,” Howard-Schwind said. “It’s important for me to model that we have to give back to the community. Everyone has a situation where they could say, ‘Oh, poor me,’ but everyone has a capacity at some point to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

Through contests between homerooms and other fundraisers, Hall students raised more than $1,300 toward their principal’s bail. She was allowed to use her cell phone in jail to call friends for more support.

Howard-Schwind said the money raised from the event will go toward the purchase medical supplies, wheel chairs, provide research and send children suffering from neuromuscular diseases to summer camp, and several Weatherford families will be directly affected.

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