As of this morning we are still experiencing low water storage tank levels, this results in low water pressure that we are all currently struggling with. If you live at a high elevation, then your pressure will be significantly less than those that live at a lower elevation. The low tank levels are a result of equipment malfunctions, and water loss from leaks.

We are asking all of our consumers to conserve water to the greatest extent possible. Please do not use water for any nonessential purposes until we can fully restore tank levels. This means laundry, washing dishes, long showers or any other excess use of water. Our system is functioning and delivering water to the city, but unable to keep up with demand and losses due to leaks. We must all do our part to conserve! As the system begins to restore to normal levels, it’s okay to leave the water faucets open to let the excess air in the lines escape. Our crews are working non stop to restore full service but we need the help of our customers! We will do our best to provide information and until further notice your efforts to conserve water are greatly appreciated and essential! If you notice a leak of any kind please contact Hilltop immediately at, 940-328-7865 the quicker we can repair a leak the quicker we can return to normal.

We will remain under the boil water mandate until further notice.

For those unable to boil water or that are in dire need, we are working with Crazy Water to distribute cases of water at the Center of Life. The next distribution is planned for Mid-morning today 2/18.

***As temperatures begin to rise please be mindful of any frozen pipes that might be damaged. If you suspect that you may have a leaking/busted pipe please contact Hilltop to turn off your water BEFORE the water thaws out and causes a leak. This will give you an opportunity to assess the extent of the leak and save you a great deal in property damage, as well as help us conserve water.***

We are doing our best to stop the spread of misinformation, but we need the help of our citizens. The city will not shut anyone’s water off without it being requested by the customer! Please look to official sources such as our city website or posts from city officials/representatives for accurate information.

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