The city of Mineral Wells released an update Saturday afternoon regarding its water situation. The city remains under a boil water notice.

The Hilltop Water Treatment Plant continues to produce enough water to meet demands, but the city is still experiencing mechanical problems delivering water to the distribution system, according to the latest update. Efforts to maximize water production are ongoing and there is a strategy that may allow the city to utilize some backup pumping facilities to deliver greater volumes of water to town if they are able to increase production capacity.

The storage tanks remain empty due to pumping limitations and the city is currently working on some system manipulation that may allow them to provide NE Mountain and the NE 23rd Street area with water. If successful, the NE 23rd Street area would have a limited amount of water, and customers will be asked to use the water very sparingly, as it is a one-time solution that won't be able to be repeated until all tank levels are fully restored.

"We continue to ask all consumers to conserve water to the greatest extent possible," according to the city's update.

Updates to water co-ops:

While water has not been able to be delivered successfully to Santo, the city is working on some system manipulation that may help.

Millsap water flow was expected to be increased this afternoon if possible.

Sturdivant has been receiving water through two of their three meters and we believe we have a solution that will provide water through the third meter; this will be implemented today.

North Rural has one connection that is fed directly from the pressure in our storage tanks, and unfortunately, until we're able to restore tank levels we can't supply that connection. Once we are able to regain full pumping capacity and fill our tanks, this connection will be supplied. We understand the urgency and are doing everything we can.

Update (2/20 at 6 p.m.) Portions of the North Rural system are only served if our tanks are holding water, which they aren't. Until we are able to fill our tanks, those areas are not going to have water. At this time, we are unable to predict when that may occur but as quickly as we can get our system repaired, we will be able to supply them.

Our information indicates that Graford is in a good condition.

If you live inside the city and don't have water, call 940-328-7865 or 940-328-7777 so that the most recent information is available.

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