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Sue Seibert

I love cooking – not so much the cleaning – but I love cooking.

Raf was reading a novel which told of a stuffed French toast. We thought it sounded good, so I decided to make it, and, low and behold, it was excellent!

For two servings, soften 4 ounces of cream cheese (half a block) and, with an electric mixer, mix the cream cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla. There is no particular measurement here – just taste a little until you like it.

Then spread the cream cheese mixture on a piece of light bread. Spread it to the very edges. Slap on another slice of bread.

Mix together an egg and milk with a light granulated sugar until it’s the consistency you would like. Dip the bread in the egg mixture and let it soak. Then turn it over and soak the other side.

Heat a pan with butter until hot, and fry the bread – first on one side and then on the other.

Cut in half and serve. The one half served with several rashers of bacon is delicious. Raf put syrup on his half. I did not. We both really liked the outcome!

Another thing I have tried is making my own oil and vinegar salad dressing. This is my favorite.

Mix together a couple of tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar (I like white a lot better than regular balsamic) with a tablespoon of honey. Add salt and pepper to taste, and slowly mix in twice as much extra virgin olive oil as vinegar. Mix slowly to emulsify.

Pour this over a salad of kale and spinach with dried cranberries, feta cheese, avocado, and chopped walnuts. Delicious.

Finally, here is a quick crock pot chicken and rice soup recipe.

Add about four cups of chicken broth to the pot. Stir in a large can of chicken white meat. Add about a cup each of frozen celery and frozen carrots. Finally add a box of Rice-a-Roni. Garlic Chicken Rice-a-Roni is good, but if they just have chicken, add a clove of garlic (I use the frozen garlic rather than fresh). Do NOT add salt until you taste, as the Rice-a-Roni is salty.

The first time I made this, I added salt. I tried to calm the salt down with the juice of a whole lemon, but it was still too salty, so I cup up a potato into large pieces and added that. The potato absorbed the salt, and it was delicious. By-the-way, I usually add lemon juice to soups, anyway.

Hope you have enjoyed these cooking tips! Eat healthy – but eat well!

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