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Following a draft review in October, the Aledo ISD board of trustees approved the district’s legislative priorities, which include a focus on local control as well as three other initiatives.

The document was put together by the AISD Legislative subcommittee to be presented during the 87th Texas Legislative Session.

“We meet a lot [and] I think we understand as a board that so much of what happens here is out of our control and we need to fight for that control,” Legislative subcommittee member Forrest Collins said. “I think since [Superintendent] Dr. [Susan] Bohn has been here and we’ve done this, we have increased our influence dramatically. This is what we came up with and we’re pretty excited about it.”

The priorities include protecting local control, protecting public school funding and supporting educators, requiring accountability and transparency for the use of local and state tax dollars and allowing local communities to hold their public schools accountable.

“Several of the items are consistent with what other organizations have as priorities but we’ve made them very specific to us to what our needs are, because what our needs are are very different from the district down the road or a district in South Texas or West Texas,” committee member Jessica Brown said. “So we want to advocate for some of these together that way they see solidarity I think overall between the districts but we need to make sure our legislators and our parents understand what’s important for Aledo.”

The document, which is available on the district’s website, includes a list of what AISD is advocating for and what the district is opposed to under each priority. The document also includes representatives of AISD — State Rep. Phil King, House District 61; State Rep. Craig Goldman, HD 97; State Sen. Beverly Powell, Senate District 10; and whoever wins the runoff for Senate District 30, Rep. Drew Springer or Shelley Luther.

“So the subcommittee has done a whole lot of work and I just appreciate them delving in and watching for things that are happening that may impact what our priorities are,” Bohn said. “What I am hearing is that perhaps early on in the session when legislators typically only work a few days a week anyway, they may come home and not even be at the capitol so it does give us an opportunity to advocate at home. So like we have had to do with everything this year, we’ll just be flexible in having an advocacy plan that may not involve going to the Capitol. We will try if we can, but we can take care of here too if we have to.”

The board unanimously approved the legislative priorities.

For more information visit aledoisd.org.  

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