A building in Capernaum First Century Village

Above is the upper room at the Capernaum First Century Village.

PEASTER – Capernaum First Century Village will take Parker County back to historic, biblical times to relive the “Passover Experience” next weekend beginning with the Exodus and ending with the Last Supper.

“We want people to know the whole Passover story because it all points back to Jesus,” Capernaum founder Tammy Lane said.

Before the “experience” begins, guests will have the opportunity to walk through the Majestic Statue Garden, filled with 13 statues created by the late Korean sculptor Yon Sim Pak. From Adam and Eve to the resurrected Christ, the garden offers viewers the opportunity to experience some of the biggest events that took place throughout the Bible.

Once the garden walk is complete, visitors will travel down to the “Path of Plagues.” The path consists of a re-enactment of the last five plagues God brought upon Egypt, the nation that held His people, the Israelites, captive.

Upon guests’ exodus of the path, they will arrive in the first century village, where they will see Jewish families partaking in the Passover Seder, witness Christ share the Last Supper with His disciples, watch Judas’ betrayal and various other biblically-based events.

The last glimpse people will have of Jesus is Him surrounded by the 12 disciples in the upper room. Upon leaving the upper room, guests are taken to their last stop to watch a brief video of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

After the experience, patrons can purchase food from several vendors including Texas Burger, Rosa’s Cafe and North Point Barbecue.

For those not wanting the day to end, guests can travel across the road where Lane has established a facility to partake in a Seder meal, facilitated by a messianic rabbi.

“I’m hoping people will go over there,” Lane said.

The room where the Seder meal was traditionally hosted onsite has been outgrown through the years, Lane said, and will instead serve as a place guests can watch brief videos on Mission Reality, an organization that conducts outreaches to India.

Through the two weekends, more than 100 people, including actors, food vendors and various volunteers, will work tirelessly to ensure the event runs successfully. A lot of the volunteers were once visitors, Lane added.

The entire Capernaum property, which sits on nearly 5 acres, was the brainchild of Lane, who is a local writer and producer affiliated with Dramatic Worship Ministries, Tammy Lane Productions and Mission Reality.

New additions have been made through the years to support the growing crowds and enhance the overall experience.

“I originally felt like the Lord wanted me to build some structures to do some biblical films, so that’s what I did first,” Lane said. “And then it just kind of evolved. You know how it is, you start something and then God makes it what it’s really supposed to be.”

The actual village consists of single and multilevel stone buildings constructed to reflect a first century village. The experience is handicap accessible and has special paths and accommodations to make the event enjoyable for everyone, Lane said.

Beyond serving as a place for biblical re-enactments, Capernaum can be rented for retreats, Lane said. Around three or four times a month, churches and various organizations stay onsite in an accommodating 4,500 square foot home, comfortable for nearly 40 people. Capernaum is located at 10700 FM Road 920, Weatherford. The “Passover Experience” will run April 3-4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults ages 12-61; $10 for children ages 4-12; and $12 for seniors 62 years and older. The event is free to children under 3. A family pack for two adults and two children is also available for $48. The cost of the Seder, conducted only on Fridays and Saturdays, is $3 per person – group discounts are available.

For more information visit www.tammylaneproductions.com/purchase-passover-experience-tickets.html.

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