Multiple people walked away uninjured after a major wreck occurred at the intersection of Palo Pinto Street and Lamar Street about 4:15 p.m. Sunday in Weatherford, according to the Weatherford Police Department.

“A truck pulling a fifth-wheel travel trailer was eastbound on [U.S] 180, Palo Pinto, and as he approached the light at Lamar, the driver of the truck got distracted for a minute talking to his wife — he said the light was green, then he looked up and it was red and the driver tried to slam on the breaks to get the vehicle to stop,” WPD Sgt. Jason Hayes said. “It was too much weight pulling a big RV like that, so as he tried to stop, there was a car that was southbound on Lamar and they were proceeding through the light and the driver of the truck ended up clipping the car. The truck veered to the right toward the power poles there at Dairy Queen and the truck struck a power pole there and it made the truck flip over. When the truck flipped over, the RV came in behind and it smashed into it.”

Hayes said there were about two people in the truck and four people in the car, and that some were checked out by paramedics, but ultimately all walked away from the accident.

“So there were no major injuries reported,” Hayes said. “It was a pretty nasty accident, but no detectives were called out or the accident team.”

Hayes said the pole will be repaired by the city.

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