Larry Driskill

An age-progressed drawing of Larry Wes Driskill, who was indicted on murder charges by a grand jury Thursday.

A Parker County grand jury Thursday indicted a man accused of strangling a woman to death a decade ago and dumping her naked body in an Aledo-area creekbed. 

Larry Wes Driskill, 52, was indicted on a charge of murder in the March 2005 death of 29-year-old Bobbie Sue Hill. 

Hill’s body was found Sunday, March 6, 2005, by teenagers who were walking in the 1300 block of Jenkins Road, according to news accounts. 

Driskill was arrested in January after the Parker County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers publicized a recent drawing of the person last seen with Hill. 

Driskill confessed to killing the woman, telling investigators that he choked the woman when she attempted to rob him, according to court records. 

The case went unsolved for almost 10 years until a Texas Ranger forensic artist visited with an incarcerated man, described as Hill’s pimp, who provided the artist with a description of the suspect. 

The drawing and an age-progressed drawing, along with information about a white panel van, were distributed to local media with a request for assistance in identifying the depicted man. 

The investigating Texas Ranger received calls from two people who identified Driskill, a former Parker County Precinct No. 4 worker, as matching the description of the suspect and living in Aledo and driving a similar van around the time of the murder. 

Driskill’s home at the time of his arrest appears to be less than a mile from the area where Hill’s body was found. 

Hill, a mother of four, was found naked and wrapped in plastic, according to information from the sheriff’s office. 

Authorities were able to positively identify her body after news media reports detailed Hill’s unique tattoos and her family contacted the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, according to a story published in the Weatherford Democrat in 2005.

During an interview with Holland and a U.S. Secret Service Agent, Driskill provided details of the killing and disposal of Hill’s body before recanting his statements, denying any involvement, according to court records, which state he repeatedly provided details then recanted. 

“Driskill described an altercation between he and Hill in which he believed she was attempting to rob him of his wallet,” Parker County Sheriff’s Investigator Ricky Montgomery wrote. “Driskill further described that his ‘hand went from her chest to her neck and [he] choked her down.’”

While waiting for Hill to get out of the suspect’s van, the witness reportedly told police that he saw the suspect climb naked into the driver’s seat and speed off.   

A man was coming towards him so Driskill said he “took off trying to get away from the situation,” according to the probable cause affidavit. 

Driskill said he stopped and put her body in a bag before throwing her body over the side of a bridge and going home, according to investigators. 

Driskill reportedly told investigators that he put Hill’s clothing in a bag in front of his house that was later picked up by trash collectors. 

“I’m sorry that it all happened,” Driskill reportedly told investigators. “I think it ate me up. It did in the back of my mind.”

Driskill remained in the Parker County Jail Tuesday, according to a sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

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