Elections administrator

The Parker County commissioners met in a special called meeting Monday morning and unanimously approved the official Nov. 6 election results.

According to the official results document, 55,315 county residents voted in the election.

The Parker County commissioners met in a special called meeting Monday morning and unanimously approved the official Nov. 6 election results.

According to the official results document, 55,315 county residents voted in the election.

“For a little over 55,000 people voting, it went surprisingly smooth during early voting — we kind of didn’t talk about it because we didn’t want to jinx ourselves — but for that many people voting, the lines weren’t really that long, maybe a 40-minute wait at the longest,” County Elections Administrator Don Markum said. “Election Day went a lot smoother because the majority of people voted early. I think early voting really helped on cutting down lines, plus you could vote anywhere there’s a poll site also.”

Markum said the the busiest voting site was the county annex off Santa Fe Drive.

“I voted at the annex during early voting and the line started at the front doors and it took me 20 minutes,” Commissioner of Precinct 4 Steve Dugan said. “I had great conversations with folks all through the line and so it was a pleasant wait.”

Markum said compared to two years ago, people coming out to vote were more pleasant.

“That says a lot when you have that many people voting, so I think the process that you gave made it smooth,” County Judge Pat Deen said.

Markum said he compiles a list after each election that shows how many people voted at each polling location.

“In two years we will use that list to determine how many people to send and how many machines to send knowing which areas are the heaviest,” Markum said. “I think we have good representation all over the county.”

According to the results, 30,548 people voted straight party Republican with 4,508 voting straight party Democrat and 173 voting straight party Libertarian.

The official county voting results are:

Commissioner Precinct 2 - Craig Peacock (R), 79.29 percent [8,180 votes]; Mack Dobbs (I), 20.71 percent [2,136 votes]

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 - Dusty Vinson (R), 83.76 percent [11,385 votes]; Richard Aguirre [D], 16.24 percent [2,207 votes]

Proposition A [annexation] - For, 81.13 percent [37,976 votes]; Against, 18.87 percent [8,830 votes]

Brock ISD Trustee Place 6 - Katarina Lindley, 51.76 percent [1,131 votes]; Michael C. Kirk, 48.24 percent [1,054 votes]

Proposition A ESD 8 - For, 54.51 percent [871 votes]; Against, 45.49 percent [727 votes]

City of Reno Proposition A - No, 54.32 percent [283 votes]; Yes, 45.68 percent [238 votes]

City of Cresson Proposition A - For, 75.32 percent [119 votes]; Against, 24.68 percent [39 votes]

State Senator - Ted Cruz (R), 80.87 percent [44,071 votes]; Beto O’Rourke (D), 18.27 percent [9,956 votes]; Neal M. Dikeman (L), 0.86 percent [468 votes]

U.S. Representative, District 12 - Kay Granger (R), 83.63 percent [45,468 votes]; Vanessa Adia (D), 14.74 percent [8,015 votes]; Jacob Leddy (L), 1.63 percent [884 votes]

Governor - Greg Abbott (R), 83.87 percent [45,981 votes]; Lupe Valdez (D), 14.77 percent [8,099 votes]; Mark Jay Tippetts (L), 1.36 percent [745 votes]

Lieutenant Governor - Dan Patrick (R), 80.02 percent [43,745 votes]; Mike Collier (D), 17.96 percent [9,818 votes]; Kerry Douglas McKennon (L), 2.02 percent [1,104 votes]

Attorney General - Ken Paxton (R), 79.52 percent [43,367 votes]; Justin Nelson (D), 17.98 percent [9,803 votes]; Michael Ray Harris (L), 2.50 percent [1,363 votes]

Comptroller of Public Accounts - Glenn Hegar (R), 82.18 percent [44,553 votes]; Joi Chevalier (D), 15.01 percent [8,139 votes]; Ben Sanders (L), 2.81 percent [1,522 votes]

Commissioner of the General Land Office - George P. Bush (R), 82.10 percent [44,724 votes]; Miguel Suazo (D), 14.69 percent [8,004 votes]; Matt Pina (L), 3.20 percent [1,745 votes]

Commissioner of Agriculture - Sid Miller (R), 80.61 percent [43,803 votes]; Kim Olson (D), 17.33 percent [9,416 votes]; Richard Carpenter (L), 2.06 percent [1,119 votes]

Railroad Commissioner - Christi Craddick (R), 82.03 percent [44,458 votes]; Roman McAllen (D), 15.28 percent [8,282 votes]; Mike Wright (L), 2.68 percent [1,455 votes]

Justice, Supreme Court Place 2 - Jimmy Blacklock (R), 83.08 percent [44,974 votes]; Steven Kirkland (D), 16.92 percent [9,161 votes]

Justice, Supreme Court Place 4 - John Devine (R), 83.27 percent [45,057 votes]; R.K. Sandill (D), 16.73 percent [9,050 votes]

Justice, Supreme Court Place 6 - Jeff Brown (R), 83.22 percent [45,021 votes]; Kathy Cheng (D), 16.78 percent [9,078 votes]

Presiding Judge, Court of Appeals - Sharon Keller (R), 81.92 percent [44,434 votes]; Maria Terri Jackson (D), 16 percent [8,681 votes]; William Bryan Strange III (L), 2.08 percent [1,126 votes]

Judge, Court of Appeal Place 7 - Barbara Parker Hervey (R), 83.76 percent [45,178 votes]; Ramona Franklin (D), 16.24 percent [8,760 votes]

Judge, Court of Appeals Place 8 - Michelle Slaughter (R), 91.06 percent [45,708 votes]; Mark Ash (L), 8.94 percent [4,487 votes]

State Board of Education, District 11 member - Patricia “Pat” Hardy (R), 81.97 percent [44,296 votes]; Carla Morton (D) 16 percent [8,647 votes]; Aaron Gutknecht (L), 2.03 percent [1,096 votes]

State Senator, District 30 - Pat Fallon (R), 83.19 percent [44,823 votes]; Kevin Lopez (D), 16.81 percent [9,056 votes]

Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals Place 5 - Dabney Bassel (R), 83.16 percent [44,636 votes]; Delonia A. Watson (D), 16.84 percent [9,038 votes]