Developer Mark Allen

Developer Mark Allen addresses Weatherford City Council prior to the approval of a master plat for the 87-residential lot Montclaire subdivision at 722 W. Park Ave. contingent upon approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday evening at city hall.


Weatherford City Council approved the master plat for the 87-residential lot Montclaire subdivision at 722 W. Park Ave. contingent upon approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

This item was discussed by council for a second time in recent weeks during the council meeting on Tuesday evening at city hall.

During the meeting on July 23, council considered the master plat and voted 2-2 in a motion to deny the item. Council members Kevin Cleveland and Heidi Wilder voted to deny while Mayor Paul Paschall and Council Member Jeff Robinson voted to in opposition to denial. Council Member Curtis Tucker was absent from the meeting.

At Tuesday’s meeting, City Attorney Ed Zellers clarified that the item was not denied during the previous meeting.

“I want to apologize to the council, I misspoke at the last council meeting when we considered this and said that the plat was denied,” Zellers said. “That motion did not have a majority vote so that was a no action vote, and so that’s the reason that we have it back on the agenda tonight.”

The land in question is about 23.7 acres and zoned R-1 residential. The plan would include a two-lane arterial street from Bowie Drive to Park Avenue, which sparked discussion among council members on how quickly the road would need to be expanded.

The developer submitted a new plan for the arterial road that would move road expansion space entirely on his property, City Planner Stan Hamrick said. Even if the road were to expand to a four-lane road, it would all be contained on developer property.

Developer Mark Allen said only two lots were lost from moving the arterial road, whereas before he thought that a whole row of lots would be lost.

“The only change that we made from the master plat that was heard two weeks ago is we shifted the right-of-way of the future arterial north to make it contained entirely on our property,” Allen said. “That’s the only change. We lost a couple of lots.”

Wilder said in the meeting that the new plans should be reviewed by Planning and Zoning Commission for transparency’s sake.

“I think it’s important that we let this go back to Planning and Zoning,” Wilder said. “We put a tremendous amount of responsibility, and they do such a tremendous job volunteering their time and services. And the other thing that bothers me is that the citizens at large haven’t had an opportunity for full disclosure.”

Carol Goen, who lives south of the proposed subdivision, and her daughter-in-law Jill Goen both addressed council at the meeting. Carol Goen had spoken at the previous council meeting about the road expansion dipping onto her property. On Tuesday, she requested that the item be sent back to Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I know he’s changed it, but I still think that it should be considered that the road should go more through the center,” Carol Goen said, so the road can run through undeveloped property.

When asked, Allen said he would agree to have Planning and Zoning Commission review the changes to the plan but mentioned some of his time constraints.

Hamrick suggested that council approve the item contingent upon the commission’s approval. If Planning and Zoning Commission denies the item, it is dead and would require a new submittal, Hamrick said.

The motion to approve the master plat and waivers contingent upon Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision was approved unanimously.

Carol Goen said she has no complaints about this decision.

“I wanted it to back to Planning and Zoning, and I appreciate what they’ve done because I think that’s fair to go back,” Goen said.

The item will be revisited by Planning and Zoning Commission on Aug. 14. The next city council meeting is on Aug. 13.

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