Lees arrested

Accused of stealing from customers before leaving the state last year, a Weatherford couple showed up in court last week to claim property. 

Instead, 31-year-old Steven Todd Lee and 31-year-old Alyssa Michelle Lee were met by investigators with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, who arrested each on a felony theft warrant.  

In October, many customers of the Lees’ furniture restoration business, Sugar Stone Revival, began complaining on social media that they’d paid upfront for work but were unable to get their furniture back as agreed upon.

Subsequently, the Parker County Sheriff’s Office reported they received between 15 and 20 complaints of theft. Additional complaints of theft were also made to the area law enforcement, including in Weatherford, Springtown, Willow Park and Wise County. 

The Lees were charged with theft, more than $1,500, less than $20,000, stemming from allegations made by two customers. 

Jeffrey O’Neal reported that he’d left bedroom furniture valued at $800 at the Lees’ residence in September and paid the couple $625 for the job to be completed, according to a probable cause affidavit. 

However, he could not get in contact with the Lees in October to obtain his furniture and found the residence vacant, O’Neal reportedly told the investigator. 

The second complainant, Chelsea Yeates, reported leaving furniture valued at $575 with the couple and paying them $225 for the work to be completed. 

Yeates also sent a message to the Lees requesting her furniture and a refund but all she received was a message stating the Lees were out of town, according to the sheriff’s office. 

A search of three storage units rented by the Lees was conducted with permission on Oct. 22, according to Investigator James Jackson. 

The furniture belonging to O’Neal and Yeates was located and returned, the sheriff’s office reported. 

Numerous other items were seized from the storage units and others had property returned, as well. 

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office reported last year that investigators believe the Lees entered into agreements with customers to restore the furniture but kept the items and attempted to resell them online for a profit.

In addition to those who said they were unable to obtain their furniture and a refund, a couple of customers told the Democrat that they believe their furniture was resold to others or that they received furniture paid for by other customers. 

Megan Brock, who told the Democrat that she had her furniture returned during the search of the storage units, said Wednesday that despite receiving a message in October promising a refund, she had not been refunded $400 she paid for work that was not completed. 

The information regarding the additional complaints made to the sheriff’s office was forwarded to the Parker County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of prosecution, according to Deputy Danie Huffman.

Personal items belonging to the Lees were among the items seized by the sheriff’s office from the storage units, Huffman said. However, the Feb. 26 hearing regarding the property was rescheduled, according to the court. 

The Lees were released from the Parker County jail on $7,500 bail Friday. 

An attempt to reach the couple via email was unsuccessful.

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