First Baptist moving

First Baptist Church Weatherford, which has been in its current facility for decades, is selling and moving to a new area in town, located east of Lamar Street and south of West Park Avenue. While FBCW bought the land where it will be moving to several years ago, Weatherford City Planner Stan Hamrick told the City of Weatherford Planning and Zoning Commission at a regular meeting Thursday that the development of the area was pushed back until recently.

“This is a project that has actually been around since at least 2012-2013,” Hamrick said. “For various reasons, it didn’t go anywhere back then.”

Hamrick, who presented a master plat for the church’s new development told the commission that FBCW is now ready to move forward.

The master plat detailed a 45.6-acre tract of land consisting of five lots to be developed in multiple phases.

“They wanted to show us the entire property as it sits today,” Hamrick said, adding that the lots will be individually platted when it’s time to develop them.

The northeast tract will be the first phase of development, Hamrick said, where the church will establish its initial facilities.

“That will be more of the gym/activity center – I am generalizing on that,” Hamrick said.

Phase two, which is southwest will consist of constructing the church’s main sanctuary. When the time to develop this phase comes closer, Hamrick said the city will begin discussing the extension of Lamar Street.

Other phases in the development will involve establishing single-family residential areas, Hamrick said, which he noted the church will most likely not be involved with.

The commission unanimously approved the master plat.

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