A fund has been set up to assist a Weatherford family that lost their home and belongings in a fire Thursday morning. 

Terry and Deidre Greer, their 17-year-old daughter who attends Weatherford High School and a 20-year-old daughter who attends Weatherford College have lost everything, according to the family. 

They’ve been staying in a Weatherford motel with the help of the Red Cross since the fire destroyed their Sosebee Bend home but don’t know where they will be going after this weekend. 

Those who want to help can donate to the Greer Family Donation Account at Chase Bank, according to Ollie Travitz, who has been a neighbor of the family for nearly two decades and is helping the family get back on their feet. The bank prefers donations be made by check or money order, Travitz said. 

Deidre Greer said she was returned from dropping off her oldest daughter at college Thursday morning and saw smoke coming from her house as she arrived home. 

She attempted to use a garden hose on the fire while waiting for firefighters to arrive. 

However, the family lost everything but the shirts on their back, Terry Greer said. 

They were less than $5,000 away from paying off their home when the fire occurred, Terry Greer said. 

They’ve also found out they no longer have insurance that covers fire damage, according to Deidre Greer, who said they originally purchased insurance through their mortgage company but they found that insurance covering fire damage had been taken off and they’d been given flood insurance. 

“My kids lost everything,” Deidre Greer said.  

Interim Parker County Fire Marshal George Teague said the fire likely started due to an overloaded electrical circuit. 

The family’s two dogs were outside at the time of the fire and are staying with Travitz. 

“It’s just devastating,” Travitz said.

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