Garner ISD board of trustees voted 4-3 to postpone calling a bond election during Monday’s meeting.

No future meeting was scheduled, and the board doesn’t appear to be moving forward with a May bond election, GISD Superintendent Rebecca Hallmark said. The board’s next opportunities for a bond election would be in November or May 2021.

Trustees and the Citizens Advisory Committee have been working with Architects Rabe and Partners to develop a secondary campus for junior high and high school grades. Last week, the committee recommended a plan to the board that would include constructing a new building and renovating the existing gym into a cafeteria-auditorium. The recommendation was to call a $10 million bond election.

In a previous interview, Hallmark said the new secondary building is estimated at about $7.7 million and about $3 million for the cafeteria/auditorium renovation, plus paving costs.

GISD board of trustees decided to move forward with a secondary campus in November. The addition was aimed to alleviate growth at the current campus by taking in junior high grades and to allow the district to expand to offering grades 9-12. The board has previously discussed that having enrollment growth without adequate facilities could force GISD to consolidate with another school district.

“There were some concerned citizens there that felt like after doing some research and looking into it that $10 million would not be enough to get all the things,” Hallmark said. “At this point, they wanted to do some more research. They realized that our current facility is too full and that we have to do something. They just don’t know with our tax effort only being able to generate $10 million that doing the full-fledged secondary campus would be feasible.”

The board will be doing research and considering their options to handle space needs and provide needed programming, Hallmark said.

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