A Parker County grand jury nobilled Christopher Drew Addison, 37, of Aledo, who was accused of two counts of aggravated sexual assault from an incident in June 2018.

“The Parker County grand jury met [Monday] and, among other things, no-billed [Addison],” Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain said. “The members of the grand jury heard evidence on this case from multiple witnesses during two different sessions.”

When a grand jury “no bills” someone it means there is insufficient evidence to prosecute them.

“Our client has maintained his innocence since day one. He passed a polygraph administered by the leading polygrapher in North Texas,” Fort Worth Defense Attorney Benson Varghese, of Varghese Summersett law firm, said. “We are grateful the grand jury considered all of the facts and circumstances surrounding these accusations — including facts that were not made public — and reached the appropriate decision.”

Two women accused Addison of drugging them at a Fort Worth bar, driving them back to his residence in Aledo and sexually assaulting them on June 19. Addison 

was arrested for the accusations on July 11.

Each charge carried a punishment of up to life in prison, Varghese said.

“These were very serious allegations that, unfortunately, have disrupted our client’s life and damaged his reputation,” Varghese said. “He is looking forward to moving on with his life and putting this criminal case behind him. He has better days ahead.”

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