Jay Hamilton

Brock Mayor Jay Hamilton announced that he will not be pursuing a campaign for county judge.

Hamilton had initially announced his candidacy June 1, and said he was "overwhelmed by the positive response" but after a recent health issue, said now is not the appropriate time.

"As of today, I am less than 90 days past a major cardio event that kept me in ICU for almost a week and I also realize that I am not prepared to put my health, my marriage and my young children through a campaign for county judge," Hamilton said in a statement released this week. "I believe I have the leadership skills and passion to make a difference in this county, the place I grew up, that I love and where I want my children to grow into adulthood. I want them to experience all of the support, history, benefits, opportunities and blessings that this place offers and that I also grew up with.

"At this time, to sacrifice any of that to seek a political office does not make sense to me. My wife, Colleen, my children, Faith and Dutch, my health and my desire to continue to build a company with employees and contracts depending on me are way too important. A campaign cannot replace the priority of those things hold in my life."

Hamilton thanked his family, those that had encouraged him and the team built to help him campaign, adding that his interest in Parker County and its future will not subside.

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