Marriages and deaths recorded from Feb. 3, 2021 to Feb. 9, 2021. This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Office of Lila Deakle, Parker County Clerk. Every effort is made to see that the information is correct and complete. The Parker County Clerk is not responsible should there be an error within the information provided.


01-29-2021 Justin L. Weaver / Shalena F. Ballard

01-30-2021 Michael A. Smith / Darla S. Deviney

02-05-2021 Charley R. Burnett / Caitlen R. Armstrong

02-06-2021 Daniel J. Wickham, II / Crystal G. Kapcsos

02-06-2021 Stryker W. Pena / Rebekah R. Saxton

02-06-2021 Peter W. Hetrick / Sherry A. Crume



01-05-2021 Arthur Dale Martin

01-09-2021 Eugene Kenneth Hall

01-19-2021 Peggy N. Wright

01-21-2021 Gloria Jane Sample

01-21-2021 Bobbie Jo Haney

01-23-2021 Paula Joan Graves

01-25-2021 Deborah Sue Tollett

01-26-2021 Myrna Loy Smith

01-26-2021 Pat Clifton Cook

01-27-2021 Dale Ray Bolen

01-27-2021 Arvel Lee Averett

01-27-2021 Connie Ann Cozzone

01-28-2020 Betty Ann Carr

01-29-2021 Robert Elwyn Sloan

01-29-2021 Cecil Nell Bilbrey

01-30-2021 Nelda Gay Willis

01-31-2021 Lynn Edward Christy

01-31-2021 Sherry Ann Clark

01-31-2021 Billy Edward Emmert

02-01-2021 Thomas Albert Siler

02-01-2021 Wanda Faye Roberson

02-01-2021 Tiny Louise Manning

02-02-2021 Johnny Richard Welty

02-02-2021 Deborah Renay Hill

02-03-2021 Ira Dennis Conner

02-03-2021 Willard W. Terwilliger

02-04-2021 Kenneth Ray Trosper

02-05-2021 Bronda Larue Lindsey

02-08-2021 Donnie Wilson


Marriages and deaths recorded from Feb. 3-Feb. 9, 2021. The information is provided by the Palo Pinto County Clerk’s office.


02-05-2021 Austin M. Alsip / Angelia Tovar



02-04-2021 Eddie Frank Headspeft

02-04-2021 David Lynn Boswell

02-04-2021 Donald Lee Williams

02-08-2021 David Ray Lee

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