A summer vacation of giving to others

Four-year-old Anzley Morgan with her sign for her lemonade stand.

Anzley Morgan is a typical 4-year-old despite having older brothers in their 20s. 

She loves playing outside and spending time with her pets — horses, dogs and cats. She is a country girl living in Millsap. Family is also important to her and enjoying a family vacation in Florida was an exciting part of summer. 

That’s when it started — the curiosity and passion that only a 4-year-old has when she sees homeless people living under a bridge near I-20 and Hulen Street in Fort Worth. Her mom, Angela, faced an onslaught of questions, including, “What are they doing there?” and “Where do they sleep?” when she tried to explain the plight of the homeless in our society to young eyes and ears. Anzley pondered about their food, drink and personal hygiene. 

In route to Florida, she kept a watchful lookout for more homeless. Somewhere along the way, Anzley decided to help the men under the bridge. She wanted to buy food and toiletries to give to them.

Recruiting the help of her family, she opened a lemonade stand in the heart of Millsap near Colorado Street, and sold fresh, homemade lemonade for $1 a glass. Her cause captured the heart of the Millsap community and surrounding areas and those just passing through, including a propane truck. The ladies from the Whistling Boutique paid $60 for their lemonade. Everyone rallied to her support with only a Facebook post and a sign for advertisement. 

Anzley’s stand sported her cause for four days, open from noon to 8 p.m., selling 12 gallons of lemonade, serving 72 people, and raising $178!

This very unique little girl bought food and toiletries and delivered it to the homeless men under the bridge. Bending down on one knee, one gentleman graciously accepted her kindness and even offered some back to her. Anzley assured him that everything was to help them.

This is not her first act of kindness. She insisted on a birthday party for herself at Target where she collected toys (with the help of Target employees) and donated them to Careity Foundation of Parker County.

One little Pre-K girl has touched the lives of so many. Imagine what the rest of us could do if we squeeze the lemons that life brings, and make fresh, sweet lemonade!

Thank you Anzley and the Morgan family!

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