Randall Grissom, owner of Sportstuff on Santa Fe Drive, is like most business owners.

Lately, with the nice weather, he decided to open the doors to his business and let the fresh air in during business hours.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Grissom said the weather began to get hot and he changed his mind to turn on the air conditioner, only to find it would not blow.

He checked things out by climbing to the roof of the business and found he had no units.

There were supposed to be three.

“They were all were gone,” Grissom said. “I was shocked. It’s been cool enough not to need to run it.”

He called Weatherford Police and made a report.

His insurance will cover the cost for replacements, but Grissom said he is still out a $2,500 deductible.

“We’re waiting for another quote,” he said. “Then we will begin replacing units.”

He said the units are typically worth around $5,000 each.

He added the thieves never entered the building.

Randall Anderson CPA is located in the same shopping center as Sportstuff and is leased by Grissom.

Anderson was also experiencing air problems. Grissom again made the trek to the roof and discovered all of the screws from Anderson’s units were taken from the unit.

Grissom believes the crime could have happened over the weekend.

He said he ran his air conditioner during business hours on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s just a huge inconvenience,” he said. “Luckily, it’s not August, but it’s still supposed to be 90 degrees today and tomorrow. It’s hot.”

According to a Weatherford Police report, the thieves removed the breakers from the unit and left only the outer casings.

Weatherford Police Detective Wendy Field said the inside parts of the unit were missing, including the copper wire. She said the units were dismantled.

Fort Worth has reportedly had many similar incidents, where thieves have been stealing them for the copper.

“There hasn’t been a significant amount of copper theft in this area,” Field said.

The theft is currently under investigation.

Grissom said the inside units will have to be replaced along with the other units due to higher codes and efficiency ratings.

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