Two agreements with the Town of Annetta were unanimously approved by the Aledo ISD board of trustees this week during a special meeting.

“As you’re familiar, our elementary school site No. 6 is about a 20-acre parcel of land, about five [acres] are in the Town of Annetta ETJ,” AISD Board President Hoyt Harris said. “We’ve asked the Town of Annetta to bring that into their town so we can receive services and with that there’s a little bit of work to do.”

The district’s sixth elementary school was approved by voters in November of 2019 as part of the AISD bond package. The new elementary school will be constructed off Farm-to-Market Road 5 in Annetta.

The Municipal Services Agreement asks Annetta to annex the 5.3-acre piece of land within the elementary school No. 6 property.

“It’s essentially saying that the Town of Annetta will provide the same level of services to this parcel as they would anywhere else within the town. I don’t know if there will be any services required for this area, maybe it’s offsite parking, but minimal at best,” AISD Chief Financial Officer Earl Husfeld said. “Why the timing is important is because they have to annex this before [planning and zoning] can take formal action to the next step, so it’s kind of a domino effect on getting these things done so we don’t delay the project.”

Husfeld said the agreement has already been approved by Annetta.

The Memorandum of Understanding seeks assistance from Annetta in utilizing their third-party engineers and helping in the presentation of information.

“This item is related to seeking [Annetta’s] assistance as we’re going through this review process and the design process,” Husfeld said. “As everyone knows, we have a very short timeline for construction of this school, there’s a lot of moving parts.”

Elementary school No. 6 has an opening date of August 2021.

The MOU will also help AISD present information to the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District as well as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality because Annetta already has relationships with those two entities.

“This Memorandum of Understanding says that we the district will reimburse them the cost of their third-party engineers for this review process,” Husfeld said. “It’s just literally a passthrough cost that they would submit to Aledo ISD. Like a lot of small towns, they do not have employees of the town that do this service. We know this will allow us to continue speeding up the process.”

Following approval from the AISD board, the MOU will be presented to Annetta for action. 

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