AISD board hears facility assessment plan

Aledo ISD’s new Director of Facilities and Construction Tyler Boswell addressed the board of trustees Monday night about his facilities assessment plan for the district.

The Aledo ISD board of trustees met in regular session Monday night and heard the facilities assessment plan from the district’s new Director of Facilities and Construction Tyler Boswell and approved the 2019 Bearcat Growth Committee that will help in the bond planning process.

“I’ve tried to hit the ground running and it’s been a great month,” Boswell said. “It’s my goal to have a very comprehensive facilities plan for the board.”

Boswell has spent his first month gathering reports, warranty information and other data, as well as doing school walkthroughs.

“One of the big things is really getting out and about and making connections with the principals and seeing how the building use is going and what problems they may have,” Boswell said. 

Boswell said he was excited to see that the facilities are well maintained.

“A large part of what Mr. Boswell is doing right now is preparing a report for [the board] for January on the use of the 2015 bond proceeds and the planning for that as well as the assessment for facility needs,” AISD Superintendent Dr. Susan K. Bohn said. 

AISD Board Secretary Forrest Collins said the district has needed the director of facilities and construction position for a long time.

“You can tell with [Boswell] that nothing is going to be left out, every detail is going to be examined and I just really appreciate that,” Collins said. “This is a position we’ve needed for a long time.”

The board unanimously approved the Bearcat Growth Committee, which will serve in an advisory capacity to the board and consists of seven board member appointees, five parents recommended by campus administrators, nine district staff members and 15 community members who applied for the BGC membership.

“During this [bond] planning process we’re involving citizens of the community that will make recommendations to the board to consider for a potential Nov. 9 bond election and we did have a good response in regard to the application process,” AISD Board President Hoyt Harris said. “The committee will represent the Aledo ISD community in the study of data — such as enrollment projections, financial information, instructional priorities, facility needs and feedback from other community members — and then recommending to the board of trustees a program to address the district-wide facility needs and student enrollment in aging facilities.”

The co-chairs of the committee are Christi James and Jim Scott. 

“I’m really excited about their leadership and they will facilitate the committee meetings with the rest of us being their support staff to provide any information they need,” Bohn said. “They are both very adept to facilitation and I think they’re going to be a great addition.”

AISD’s Communications Director Rick Herrin went over the pre-bond communication plan to get out information discussed by the Bearcat Growth Committee between January and May through the district website, social media, the mobile app [BGC button], emails and district newsletter. 

“This will keep all of our stakeholders [parents, staff, students and community] informed through the process with agendas, schedules and plans that they have through each meeting,” Herrin said. “It’s easy one-click links that get you to those pages. It will keep that transparent messaging in constant flow.”

Bohn said the goal with this is if someone wants to know what’s going on, they can find the information.

“We will just try to structure it and take feedback and make that as user friendly as possible over time,” Bohn said. “We will on the district website have an open email to the Bearcat Growth Committee that anybody can send feedback through that will get back to the committee.”

The Bearcat Growth Committee members are Kelly Arnold, Allison Dearman, Mike Fernihough, Jennifer Gamez, Deven Jacobs, Glenna Loftin, Dawn McNair, Sterling Naron, Jeremy Pruett, Jaime Saenz, Jeff Streetman, Chad Tregallas, Robert Cox, Kelly Dishman, Shawna Ford, Peter Healey, Lakeshia Jarreau, Maggie Lozano, Matt Morris, Ryan Pipkin, Dan Reilley, Arlene Shelton, Bobby Taylor, Jeff Wade, Brent Cummings, Nicki Dover, Kathy Fry, Paul Heckathorn, Nick Lester, Mercedes Mayer, David Nance, Suzi Prokell, Caroline Rekerdes, Lauren Stockon, Jeremy Thompson and Mandy Wurster. 

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