The Aledo City Council approved a motion to allow the Aledo Wine and Art Festival to take place at the city community center and park, and will be looking into the creation of regulations for the allowance of alcohol in city parks.

“We have had several requests for the use of alcohol in our city parks and community center. At the present time, it’s not allowed,” Aledo Mayor Kit Marshall said. “This item is much bigger than this one event. It’s not really about the event — our conversations about [Aledo Wine and Art Festival] has spurred this item. The bigger item here is the allowance or not of the use of alcohol in our city parks and the community center.”

Chuck Tordiglione, owner of Bull Lion Ranch Vineyard and Winery and coordinator of Aledo Wine and Art Festival, shared his thoughts about the motion. Tordiglione is also the president of the Cross Timbers Wine Trail.

“We bring wine and art festivals, or wine tasting festivals, to communities and Aledo being my community, I always thought it was a great idea to have something like this. We’ve had the festival here two years. The first year was great, but last year was rain and a disaster,” Tordiglione said. “Our problem is we’re wanting to keep this in Aledo, but we don’t have a venue. We can’t do it over at Stillwater Meadows and I think this area [the community center and park] would work. Unfortunately our forefathers of Aledo didn’t think about these things when they built the town square. I’d like to have the event at the community center this year and I’m thinking the end of October or the first of November.”

The council unanimously approved allowing the Aledo Wine and Art Festival to take place at the community center and surrounding park.

“We’re talking about strictly here at the community center and park here only for this time, so you’re instructing staff to then come up with guidelines,” Aledo City Administrator Bill Funderburk said.

Tordiglione said it’s smart to keep the festival on an annual basis.

“This is a great community and a great opportunity for Aledo and it will bring people into Aledo,” Tordiglione said. “I think it’s smart for us to keep something like this here.”

City staff will start the process of coming up with regulations in allowing alcohol at city parks to bring back to a future council meeting.