The Aledo ISD board of trustees unanimously approved 49 new positions for the 2020-21 school year as well as new furniture for elementary campuses that was included in the 2019 bond package.

“We are asking for a total of 49 additional staffing positions. If the board approves all 49 of those positions, it would be at a cost of $2.39 million for the district,” AISD Deputy Superintendent Lynn McKinney said. “Of those positions 25 are additional teaching positions — 13.5 at elementary, 6.5 at intermediate and middle and five at secondary. Of course this is the majority of the cost of the staff we’re adding.”

Other positions include two early literacy specialists, a crisis counselor, a behavior specialist, a 504 clerk, additional child nutrition specialists, bus drivers, human resources staff, accounts payable clerk, two student safety specialists and a network technician.

“Most, if not all, are growth-related positions,” AISD Board President Hoyt Harris said.

The board approved all 49 positions and McKinney said the interview process will begin immediately.

“Our principals are anxious to begin interviewing, they have trained their campus interview teams, and we have systems in place where they do plan to go ahead and screen candidates over the phone and to begin interviewing [virtually],” McKinney said. “We want to get out there and start our hiring now, just as other districts are, especially with 25 teachers that we’re going to be looking for — we want to get busy.”

The board also approved new furniture for Coder, Stuard and McCall elementary schools, which was included in the $149.95 million bond package that voters approved on Nov. 5, 2019.

“We’re presenting this information like we said last month to try to get this order in now, and we’ll do the PO [Tuesday] and get it out, so we can get it ordered,” AISD Chief Financial Officer Earl Husfeld said. “It’s a big job going into this summer, taking everything out, replacing everything in, but the first step is approval.”

The bond package includes $1.8 million for the new furniture at all three campuses and the quotes from Lone Star Furnishings LLC totaled $1,466,264.77.

“This order to date includes all of the core general type classrooms at the three campuses. It doesn’t include the libraries or what we call special classes like ESL, functional academics, dyslexia — those are much smaller in volume, so this order does not include those,” Husfeld said. “Those will be coming probably at the next meeting. The libraries, we don’t anticipate a lot of change there because most of the shelving is fine, but we may change some of the seating that students sit on. The quotes are turnkey, so it will include delivery, setup, assembly, installation and hauling off all the trash.”

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