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The Aledo ISD board of trustees unanimously approved the termination of a contracting firm hired in February for the new elementary school and renovation bond projects.

The firm BTC was hired for the elementary school No. 6 project as well as the Vandagriff Elementary School conversion into an early childhood campus and McAnally Intermediate School renovation project.

“Though we really tried to work through it with BTC and the district, in the end we weren’t able to get on the same page all together regarding moving forward to a [good manufacturing practice]," AISD Superintendent Susan K. Bohn said. "We have just had to make a decision, I’ve had to make a decision, to recommend to [the board] that we change course and move forward as quickly as possible to get to the completion of elementary school No. 6 and so I’m recommending termination of the contract with BTC."

Bohn added that the district has a decades-long history with BTC, and is grateful of the support they have provided to the district over the years.

Voters approved AISD’s $149.95 million bond on Nov. 5, 2019, which included the new elementary school and renovations as well as additional projects.

“I would just like to thank the administration for the transparency they’ve shown through this,” AISD Board Secretary Forrest Collins said. “BTC does have a long-standing relationship with this school district, but sometimes there’s just projects that we can’t get on the same page and you’ve got to move on so definitely want to thank them for their contributions. We represent the taxpayers and the district, and we’re always going to do what’s best for them.”

The board also approved changing the procurement method from Construction Manager at Risk to Competitive Sealed Proposal.

“In light of the current situation and current market that we’re in, we’re recommending that we change the procurement method of elementary school No. 6, the Vandagriff renovation and the McAnally renovation to Competitive Sealed Proposal or CSP,” AISD Chief Financial Officer Earl Husfeld said. “That will allow us to take advantage of the current market. We anticipate there will be a lot of interest in the projects from a lot of different vendors and so we’re interested to see what kind of results we get.”

AISD began the 2020-21 school year on Aug. 19 and will move into five days a week in-person learning on Sept. 8.

“We’ve gotten some questions from parents ... wondering what we’re doing next week. What I’ve told them is if the plan changes, we will tell them," Bohn said. "I think there’s a lot of discussion that we might extend hybrid and that’s causing some people a lot of worry about how they’re going to deal with childcare next week. 

“Unless something really significant happens this week, we’ll be moving on like we said we would to five days in person."

Bohn said there were no active cases in the district for staff or students as of Monday.

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