City of Aledo

PARKER COUNTY — The city of Aledo is working towards acquiring about 246 acres, a portion of Dean Ranch, that currently sits in Fort Worth’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Aledo Mayor Kit Marshall made the announcement at the April city council meeting.

“I have always made it a point to reach out to the mayor of Fort Worth and discuss the fact that Fort Worth’s ETJ comes into the city of Aledo and our gateway, our corridor,” she said. “It matters very much to us what that looks like and I [asked if they] would keep that in mind should they begin the western sprawl, if you will.”

Marshall said she conversed with the property owner of Dean Ranch in January of 2020, when she was informed that the ranch was being put up for sale.

“We know that the ranch has a contract on it and we have been working with the developer,” she said. “There are a lot of layers to this becoming a reality. While the transaction wouldn’t immediately put the land in our city limits, it would make it available for Aledo to annex in the future.”

The tract of land sits south of Interstate 20 and east of Farm-to-Market Road 1187.

At the May 24 council meeting, a Joint Ordinance and Boundary Agreement was unanimously approved.

“This is one of those genuine miracles,” Marshall said. “There are a number of things that had to fall just right in line and at any moment could have fallen apart and not come to fruition, so personally, I’m excited about the opportunity for us — for the city of Aledo — to gain some control over its gateway, not just on the west side but also on the east side.”

Final approval of the agreement is contingent upon the city of Fort Worth passing the ordinance. The Fort Worth city council is set to take action on the item sometime this month. 

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