City of Weatherford

Atwoods Ranch and Home was granted a conditional use permit Tuesday night for an 18.45-acre tract of land at the corner of U.S. 180 and Farm-to-Market Road 730.

There were five conditions set forth by city of Weatherford staff that Atwoods will have to adhere to, which includes limiting outdoor display items, signage limited to approved wall signs and one monument sign not to exceed 12 feet in height and 15 feet in width, the screening of any outdoor propane with a wall or fence, no hay bales being displayed in the front yard setback and constructing a fence or wall along the eastern limits of the site unless trees can be salvaged to provide the screening.

“This went before the planning and zoning commission at their Oct. 14 meeting, it was unanimously approved with conditions outlined in the staff report,” Weatherford Director of Development and Neighborhood Services Kaleb Kentner said. “There were five items conditions placed on this conditional use permit and that was recommended by staff.”

A required public hearing was held on the conditional use permit request.

“This is really for all public hearings, but especially on this one, we have quite a few caveats to this conditional use permit request,” Mayor Pro Tem Heidi Wilder said. “I’m wondering how we know that the caveats are actually instituted in a timely manner.”

Kentner said when a new facility project is completed like this, a building inspector is sent out as well as a planner who will go out and check the facility and ensure the conditions have been put in place.

“We follow up with those shortly after they’re open and operating to ensure those conditions are still being followed,” Kentner said.

Kim Wiens, a representative of Atwoods, said the business is more than just a feed and grain store.

“It’s a big general store, so we have a hunting and camping and outdoor section, western goods section, homes goods for moms and grandmas to check out, a toy section for kids and a garden center, things like that,” Wiens said during the public hearing. “We’ve been working hard to get into the Parker County area, found the right site and we’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Wayne Lee, the owner of the property, and [city] staff. One of the first things we do when we go and look at a site is talk with the city and see if they’re pro-growth, willing to work with us because we can choose a lot of different places to go but your guys are headed in a great direction and I’m excited to be a part of that. We’re excited about being here and would appreciate your support.”

The property owner Wayne Lee also spoke during the public hearing, saying he’s been working on the site for 23 years.

“Many times I’ve wondered why it didn’t quite gel and now I know, because I’m really happy to bring a company and a store like Atwoods because they look like Weatherford,” Lee said. “People like to say the west begins at Fort Worth and I say no, it really begins in Weatherford.”

The city council unanimously approved the conditional use permit.

A final plat for the Woodland Lakes subdivision proposed for a 48.11-acre tract of land was denied by the council.

Woodland Lakes was proposed to have 19 lots between Zion Hill Road and Farm-to-Market Road 920 in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The denial was based on the 19 conditions recommended by city staff and the final plat was also denied by the planning and zoning commission, 6-0, at the Oct. 14 meeting. 

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