BHS artist to show work at state level

Brock High School sophomore Katherine Harfoot’s artwork “Indonesian Geese” was selected for the state competition of the Visual Arts Scholastic Event in April. This piece is a still life created using charcoal. 

Brock High School sophomore Katherine Harfoot’s charcoal depiction of two wooden Indonesian geese is in the running at a state art competition in San Marcos.

The state-level of the Visual Arts Scholastic Event takes place on April 24-25. The Region 11 competition took place last month.

This is Harfoot’s second year in art.

“I’ve always kind of liked it, and I didn’t really have an art class in middle school so I just took it last year,” Harfoot said.

Harfoot’s state-qualifying piece, entitled “Indonesian Geese,” was inspired by the two wooden geese figures in BHS art teacher Sue Brunner’s classroom. Brunner encouraged her students to create high-contrast pieces.

Harfoot created “Indonesian Geese” using charcoal and toned paper, and she spent a month of time in art class working on it. Harfoot also entered a self-portrait in the competition called “Me, Myself and I” which earned an excellent rating but did not advance to state.

“I just thought [the geese] looked interesting, and it looked like it’d be fun to draw them because of all the contrast in them,” Harfoot said. “They kind of stood out to me.”

In the regional competition, Harfoot had to talk to jurors about her art for about 10 minutes, and she told them about the process she used to create the piece. She began the piece by sketching with a white charcoal pencil and created the light areas before the dark ones.

Harfoot put in extra time to perfect her art for the competition, Brunner said. She described Harfoot as a “natural artist.”

“When I asked her if she was interested in taking it, that made her work on it all the harder,” Brunner said. “Not only do they do the artwork, I mean I get it prepared but then they have to write about it, and then they have to interview and they have to give up their Saturday to do it. So it’s a huge commitment on their part. Not everybody is willing to do that.”

Brunner said “Indonesian Geese” most likely advanced to state because of the unusual-looking subject.

“If there’s one that is an unusual subject matter, it’s almost always a showstopper,” Brunner said. “Nobody’s ever seen those geese before because they belonged to my mother-in-law and she passed away this past year and gave them to me. When I put them out for the still life, I thought, if somebody will go for that, it’s going to get their attention.”

Harfoot is looking forward to the state competition and said it sounds like a fun time.

“I’m not really sure that I’m going to win anything, but I feel like it’ll be a fun experience,” Harfoot said. 

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