Readers shared their thoughts about Weatherford moving forward to construct a boardwalk near Lake Weatherford as well as develop areas around the lake.

Michael Hicks They should have dredged that west end of the lake near 730 years ago when the water level was way down. That end of the lake dries up pretty often. I’ve been out on that end of the lake many times. When there is water in it it’s about 3 to 4 foot deep. It looks like a nice pretty and deep lake. Don’t have to use much water out of the lake in late summer and it’s all mud or very shallow. I think the first plan should be cleaning out that end of the lake to make it deeper. When it’s deeper it holds much more water and pulling water out of it will not be noticed as much. Then we can think about a boardwalk and trying some kind of development.

Judy G Hernandez I think it’s awesome!! Weatherford is growing and people need a nice place for family outings .. The Weatherford Marina needs some cleaning up too !! Expand it !!

Angel Rainey Oh great I’m sure all the yuppies will love it

Cindy Beauchamp Randolph Awesome! Should have been done years ago!

Steven Potts Use the money to fix the water system so it does not taste like mud. 

Pat-April Kelly It would be great if they added restaurants close too or food trucks to draw more people. People would like to eat and then go on walks around the boardwalk.

Vicki Balazik-Cowles Holy crap!! No wonder our taxes are out of control!!! Weatherford Lake is only nice when it’s full. It’s not a controlled lake. It’s completely dependent on rainfall. Most years it’s pretty undesirable. What a complete waste of our money! We have lived here for over 20 years. Can our pond even be considered a lake??!?!!

Casey Williams Weatherford lake doesnt seem to be a bird watching mecca. I’d propose they do actual bird observation/ birder survey studies before deciding that is their target visitor. There are several much better birding opportunities around the area.

Jorden Couch-Perkins That’s a good idea but for 2.3 million dollar the city should turn sunshine lake into a chlorinated water park like unks or burgers lake

Todd Woods We don’t need that!! Just another way to waste my tax dollars

Residents wished local U.S. Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Joe Hudson a happy birthday after turning 100-years old.

Patsy Brown Happy Birthday and thank you for your service. God Bless!

Jeff Marcy Peoples Lewis Happy Birthday Mr. Hudson, and Thank You for All Your Service to Our Country..

Susie Orth Happy Birthday Mr Hudson!! Definitely in the best generation Sir

Laverne Jordan Caudill Happy Birthday Mr Joe Hudson. Such a nice man!!

Eileen Sammons Tidwell Happy Birthday and praises for your service, sir!

Loree Leatherman Ellis Joe is the sweetest man. I hope I am in that good of shape at his age. We love our Joe

Brian G Martin Happy Birthday Joe!!! Thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice!

Pat Murphy When I turn 63...I’d be happy if I looked as good as he does at 100

Readers shared their thoughts about Governor Greg Abbott signing House Bill 347, ending forced annexation in the state.

Jerri Madonna Thank you very much, now let’s start working on imminent domain

Susan Darter Another big thank you to you all who worked so hard for us in Parker County and across the Great State of Texas.

Kristie Duncan Elston Thank you to all who worked so hard to help get this passed!

Neil Tilly Thank you Gov Abbott

Dale Moomaw Yessssss!!

Residents shared their thoughts about construction closings on the Interstate 20 frontage road as part of the I-20/Center Point Road Interchange project.

Tina Cook I’m all for accommodating expanding the service road and bridges but what should have been done was expand the highway into 3 lanes coming out of Hudson Oak to at least old Dennis Rd. Also the Txdot sign going west bound should have been on east bound to let traffic know coming into Weatherford and Fort Worth about construction and wrecks.

Angela Ray As if it wasn’t hard enough just to get home or just to go to the store....these one ways are pure torture.

Sean Peters Why is thare more construction? Im posative our tax dollers could go to something better than expanding roads so more people that dont live here can have it easier

Christi Derington It’s to make it easier for people that do live here and pay those taxes! We need it to accommodate the Center Point loop. I live on the interstate at Center Point and this will help us tremendously. We have to go to Loves or through Hudson Oaks to go East, and coming from Weatherford, we have to go all the way to Hudson Oaks Bridge to come to our home on the service road right before Center Point and that got old years ago.

Heather Johnson Westbrook Anyone else annoyed with the exits being moves so far back?! 

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