Brock Intermediate starts CLIMB class

Brock Intermediate School teacher Dena Graham discusses the CLIMB class at the school board meeting on Monday evening at Brock Elementary School. 

Brock ISD board of trustees heard about the CLIMB class Brock Intermediate School during their meeting Monday evening in the elementary school cafeteria. 

Superintendent Cade Smith said the presentation was a way to show the board how campuses are adhering to the district’s mission, vision and core values and strategic plan. 

“Those documents are not just done and put on a shelf somewhere,” Smith said. “We’re actually living those.” 

The CLIMB class is new this school year for sixth graders to teach self-reflection, character and cross-curriculum in other content areas, Brock Intermediate School Principal Ingia Saxton said. 

“This class I feel like really encompasses the things that we’re doing as an entire campus, just building relationships, establishing those expectations and really looking at service above self and that community partnership piece is huge, and just being able to take that and fit it into a class,” Saxton said. “Not that it’s not being done all over, but this is specific and really ensuring that we’re getting those things to get them prepared as they go into middle school and start that transition.” 

CLIMB stands for community service, leadership skills, instructional technology, mastering learning and being the best you, according to teacher Dena Graham’s presentation. 

The class is “technology rich” and Graham devoted time to discuss online citizenship with students, she said. 

“They’re in the age that they’re getting phones, and they’re getting on social media, and they’re using computers at school, so I really felt it was important to make sure they understood their digital footprint and what that means,” Graham said. 

The class also teaches kids how to check their grades, set goals, take and give constructive criticism and get organized using a planner, and they also work on community service projects, Graham said. The class includes tutorials and guest speakers as well. 

During Graham’s presentation, some of the students talked about the CLIMB class via a video, and spoke positively about the course. 

Some members of the board expressed their support of the class. Board Vice President Bill Cooper said he liked the collaborative elements of the class. Trustee Katarina Lindley said she likes that kids are being taught life skills. 

“Having gone through a lot of schooling and seeing my kids having to go through a lot of years of schooling, it’s nice to see them also being taught life skills because sometimes it’s not about things that they can do, because they all can do great things, but they have to organize their lives and do those things and still have fun,” Lindley said. 

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