Brock ISD board of trustees heard a recommendation from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding improvements to facilities and services during Monday’s board meeting.

Trustees have the opportunity to change the recommendation, Communications Director Natalie Parish said. A bond election has not been called at this time, but trustees can do so during their meeting next month.

“Our board of trustees tasked the district with creating a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to work together, as a team, to review district facility, technology and transportation needs,” Superintendent Cade Smith said. “This team has been meeting for the past six months reviewing finances, student enrollment, growth projections, current facilities and more in order to make a recommendation to the BISD Board on our next steps as a school district. We appreciate their time and dedication.”

The plan includes improvements district-wide, for the high school, junior high school and a contingency allowance of $1 million to cover unforeseen costs related to the projects. In total, the recommendations would cost $21.36 million without a tax increase, Parish said.

The district-wide plan includes security enhancements at all campuses, five new school buses and technology upgrades to increase infrastructure and access points. This part would cost $700,000 and be completed by fall 2020, though the buses would be purchased over the course of five years.

At Brock High School, classrooms would be added, including career and technology spaces, and the building capacity would be increased to 800. A lab would also be added to the agriculture building for welding and fabrication courses. These spaces would open by fall 2022 and the budget for this project would be $10.16 million.

Brock Junior High School would also receive more classrooms in the recommendation, which would raise capacity to 650, and would include a gymnasium. This project would cost $9.5 million and would open by fall 2021.

“Increased capacity will accommodate future growth along with moving sixth grade from the intermediate school,” Parish said.

All of the project cost estimates include construction cost, escalation due to inflation, fees, permits, furniture, equipment and storm shelter code requirements, Parish said.

Also during the meeting, trustees approved increasing student lunch prices by 25 cents for cafeteria lunch trays. They also approved the annual review of investment policy and student drug testing policy.

Brock ISD board meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month.