Brock ISD receives Pioneer Award for planning, performance

Quality Texas Foundation recognized Brock ISD with the Pioneer Level Award for dedication to strategic planning and performance improvement last week at the Quest for Excellence Conference in San Antonio. 

Quality Texas Foundation recognized Brock ISD with the Pioneer Level Award for dedication to strategic planning and performance improvement last week.

Quality Texas Foundation is a nonprofit established in 1994 that aims to help businesses, hospitals, schools, government agencies and nonprofits improve their performance, according to their website.

The Pioneer Level Award is the beginning level that includes a five-page application. Brock ISD was recognized as one of seven recipients of the award this year, including another school district, Foundation Chief Executive Officer Mac McGuire said.

“The Pioneer Level Award is awarded to those that are in the early stages of implementation of process improvement,” BISD Communications Director Natalie Parish said. “We are laying the foundation for our strategy and all district planning in an effort to get better. Brock ISD is delighted and honored to receive this recognition for our early efforts.”

At the Pioneer Level, applicants identify customers, partners, suppliers and workforce, McGuire said. Moving forward in higher level awards, the application includes categories like leadership, strategic planning, student focus, family focus, information management, workforce, operations and results.

McGuire said BISD’s Superintendent Cade Smith has focused on student performance and connecting with the Brock community.

“So, he’s trying to involve everybody and trying to get the students the best possible path forward to graduation and being a successful member of our society,” McGuire said. “By the steps that they are taking and the efforts that they are making, they’re beginning at the Pioneer Level to set themselves apart from other school districts who are not focused on those things.”

Parish said the recognition originated with strategic planning and from a collaborative effort with community, staff and students in deciding the BISD’s vision, mission and core values.

McGuire said organizations that are encouraged to continue applying for awards in the foundation, all the way to the Governor’s Award.

The only Parker County school district to win the Governor’s Award was Weatherford ISD in 2011.

Parish said BISD hopes to continue progressing toward the Governor’s award.

“Our school district is absolutely committed to continuous learning and operational improvements,” Parish said.

McGuire also said Smith has been added to Quality Texas Foundation’s Board of Directors.

“Serving on the board of directors is a unique opportunity allowing me to learn from others and bring back that knowledge for the advancement of our school district,” Smith said. “Brock ISD and the Brock community has an expectation of excellence as stated in our previous mission statements and most recently carried over into our new core values. Our goal is to deliver just that, and this model is a tool to help us deliver.”

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