Brock ISD board of trustees approved the creation of a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to explore the need for a bond election in November.

The action was taken during the regular school board meeting on Monday at Brock High School.

Superintendent Cade Smith indicated that growth is the motivating factor behind a possible bond election. Smith said Brock ISD, according to demographic reports, has grown by 30 percent during the last four years and is expected to continue growing. While all four campuses are expected to surpass capacity by the 2023-24 school year, the intermediate campus could grow beyond capacity by 2020.

The Citizen’s Advisory Committee, which is expected to be made up of about 19 administrators, parents and community members, would decide whether or not to recommend a bond to the board of trustees. After receiving their recommendation, trustees would decide whether to call a bond, Smith said.

BISD officials plan to take nominations of parent and community members from the district leadership team, Smith said. Parents or community members who want a spot on the committee can contact BISD administrators.

Smith said the committee plans to meet monthly starting in early February and ending in May.

Also at the meeting, Athletic Director Chad Massey led a discussion on including nicotine testing in with regular student drug testing.

Brock students grades 7-12, any student involved in extracurriculars or students who ride the bus are subjected to random drug tests, Massey said. A random list of students is chosen for the drug tests, which happen periodically throughout the school year.

The drug tests started four years ago, and Massey said they have been successful.

“We are trying to give our kids an out of not doing it,” Massey said. “That’s what our main goal is, to prevent any kid from doing any kind of drug or nicotine.”

Parents consent to these drug tests during school registration, Massey said.

Adding nicotine to the drugs tested would cost $1 more per tests, or from $19.50 per test to $20.50. The change is being considered since vaping has become popular among young people, Massey said.

Massey said the item may come as an action item for trustees at the board meeting next month.

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