Tree service owner assists in saving cat from 40-foot branch

Weatherford business owner Fred LaRose makes his way up to rescue Cosmo the cat.

A local tree service owner recently assisted an animal control officer in rescuing a cat that had been stuck on a 40-foot high branch for days.

Weatherford Animal Control Officer Joseph Davis responded to a call about the cat, named Cosmo, being stuck in the tree on Owens Street. The caller reported that the cat had been at the top of the tree for about three days.

“Upon arriving, it was clear that the cat was far out of reach from our officer, even atop the tallest ladder he could find,” Weatherford Assistant Director of Municipal and Community Services Eric Shumar said.

After failed attempts to save Cosmo, Davis requested help from Happy Tree Trimming Owner Fred LaRose, who had helped the officer on a prior cat incident.

“I love animals and I will do my best to rescue any animal anytime animal control calls me,” LaRose said. “I own a local tree service here in Weatherford called Happy Tree and when I heard the cat was up there for [three] days, I knew time was of the essence.”

LaRose, being in the middle of a job, stopped what he was doing and brought his climbing equipment to the scene.

“The cat was so far up the tree that Fred had to climb and then re-adjust his climbing rope and gear to then continue climbing to the cat,” Shumar said. “[Cosmo’s] owners were at the bottom of the tree worried about his safety.”

LaRose was able to get Cosmo down from the tree without any incidents.

“When I got up there he could barely move around — he was very dehydrated,” LaRose said. “I’m just glad I was able to get him help.”

Cosmo is now back in his owner's care, Shumar said.

“The Weatherford Animal Shelter and our animal control officers are extremely grateful for citizens like Fred in Weatherford,” he said. “Without his help, other resources would need to be called in like an electric bucket truck or even a fire truck.”

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